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[CASE STUDY] Autonomous Transport Meets Digital Onboarding + Automated Driver Files

[CASE STUDY] Autonomous Transport Meets Digital Onboarding + Automated Driver Files

Torc Robotics will be the first company to use a profitable, scalable, commercialized Level 4 autonomous truck solution for over-the-road trucking applications. But don’t let the word “autonomous” fool you.

According to current DOT regulations, any driver in the cab, whether there are autonomous features or not, must be fully compliant with current standards.

Bottom line: An innovative company like Torc needs an equally innovative compliance partner—one that can develop a custom stack of software and service solutions to fit Torc’s exact business model and compliance needs.

Enter Foley. We developed a solution that ensures Torc is audit-ready every day and that reduces the time spent managing driver files by close to 50%.

Get the full story on Foley’s approach in this case study.

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