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What Inspectors Saw During CVSA Roadcheck 2023
Mariah Barr
4 mins read

Now that Roadcheck 2023 is over, you’re likely either breathing a sigh of relief or dealing with the consequences of a failed inspection.

If it’s the latter of the two, we can help you get back on track.

Either way, the inspection blitz was nothing less than eventful, according to law enforcement officials.

Here are a few noteworthy findings of CVSA Roadcheck 2023: 

  • Those with past safety issues were more likely to get pulled into a full inspection 
  • There was no shortage of hours-of-service violations   
  • Carriers continued to operate even if they were unauthorized in the DOT Clearinghouse

Inspectors identified a total of 116,669 violations during the 72-hour event. Below, we dive into what contributed to these vehicle and driver violations.

CSA Scores Determined Truck Inspections 

In order to pick which trucks would go through a complete inspection, the DMV’s Commercial Vehicle Information Exchange Window (CVIEW) system identified new rigs with companies that haven’t gone through an inspection before, older companies that were overdue, and trucks working for carriers that have poor safety scores.

We’ve covered these safety scores before, and if you’re not sure what they mean, it’s worth brushing up on them.

FREE CSA Scores Webinar: The Secrets to Risk Prevention for 2024 

A single violation stays on your CSA record for two years, and it can therefore impact your safety score for a long period of time. Being proactive with your safety measures, including hiring smarter and tracking your score, can significantly improve your chances of having fewer violations and a better CSA score.

DOT Hours-of-Service Topped Driver Violations

Hours-of-service was the number one Roadcheck driver violation category. There were 2,169 violations cited, which made up 41.1% of the total driver violations.

Need a refresher on the hours-of-service rules? This Foley article can help your drivers stay compliant: Compliance Review: FMCSA Hours-of-Service Rules

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates about 100,000 police-reported, drowsy-driving crashes cause nearly 800 fatalities and about 50,000 injuries annually. Safety managers and dispatchers should often remind their drivers of the hours-of-service rules to avoid violations and keep them safe on the road.

Brake System Issues Continued to Plague Trucks 

CVSA Roadcheck inspectors cited 4,412 brake systems violations this year, accounting for 25.2% of vehicle violations in North America. 

One of the focus areas of CVSA Roadcheck 2023 anti-lock braking systems (ABS), and these numbers prove unsafe brakes are still a common issue for commercial vehicles on our roadways. 

Remember to regularly inspect and maintain your fleet's vehicles to ensure the brakes and other mechanical components are working properly.

Safety & DOT Compliance Doesn’t Stop with CVSA Roadcheck 2023

Even with CVSA Roadcheck 2023 behind us, it’s important to take the violations highlighted here seriously. These are real drivers on the roads committing these offenses, which should encourage others to practice safer driving habits and put forth better compliance efforts for the rest of the year – and beyond.

If you’re one of the unfortunate carriers who faced an out-of-service violation during the blitz, or if you’re simply looking for help with preparing for future enforcements, Foley has your back.

Our compliance experts can guide you through what it means to be truly DOT-compliant. Our digital platform offers nearly everything you need to avoid violations and expensive fines.

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