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The Final ELD Deadline is Approaching
3 mins read

FEBRUARY 28, 2019 – Drivers who are still using automatic on-board recording devices (AOBRDs) to track their hours of service will need to transition to electronic logging devices this year. The deadline for compliance is December 16, 2019.

The FMCSA allowed drivers who were previously using AOBRDs to continue doing so for another two years after the ELD mandate went into effect. With that date quickly approaching, now is a good time for drivers to begin evaluating providers so that they can get a compliant ELD into their trucks before the deadline.

Industry experts estimate that approximately half of all DOT-regulated drivers will be required to transition from AOBRDs to ELDs this year. This will create a large push for the technology – especially as the deadline gets closer. By making the transition earlier in the year, you’ll not only give yourself time to choose the right device, but you’ll be less likely to run into availability issues when demand gets high.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Make Sure You Need One. Although the vast majority of interstate carriers who are currently running with AOBRDs will need to transition to ELDs this year, there are a few big exemptions that many carriers will fall into. The first, is using an AOBRD device that has an ELD mode already built into the device. If you operate a pre-2000 truck or operate as a short-haul carrier, you may also be exempt: https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/faq/what-exceptions-are-allowed-electronic-logging-device-rule
  2. Purchase an Authorized ELD – ASAP. Not all ELDs are created equally. To make sure you’re federally compliant, make sure you select a device on the FMCSA’s self-certification list and then do your research to make sure the device has a positive reputation (and is actually compliant as it’s up to the manufacturer to self-certify).
  3. Give Yourself Time to Learn the Technology. After spending so much time with an AOBRD, it will take some time to learn a new system. Although many drivers have reported improvements to their compliance and productivity once they’ve learned and gotten more comfortable with the technology, you should expect to spend a little longer on your logs as you get started (preferably before the mandate goes into effect).

Are you a driver who will need to transition from an AOBRD to an ELD this year? Have you started preparing for the deadline yet? Leave your comments below!

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