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Digital Offsite Audits Have Grown by 100 Percent (and Keep Climbing)
3 mins read

After a nationwide rollout that began in 2019, offsite audits are skyrocketing and becoming the go-to audit method for FMCSA auditors. This may be especially true over these next few months as it is an ideal process during a time when socially distancing due to the COVID pandemic is so important.

As the name suggests, offsite audits are handled remotely instead of at the carrier’s place of business. Because the agency doesn’t have to send auditors out into the field, it’s a faster and cheaper process – allowing them to perform more audits in less time. Right now, for example, safety audits are completed within 18 months. With this new process in place, however, carriers can expect them to occur within 12 months.

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 How Offsite Audits Work

During an offsite safety audit or compliance review, auditors work with carriers through phone and digital communications to ensure they’re operating a safe and compliant business. During this process, auditors will ask to see that the carrier has certain documents on file, which will need to be scanned (if they’re on paper) and sent via email. In the future, the agency will have a portal where documents can be securely uploaded.

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One big change that we’re hearing from carriers who have had an offsite audit, is that the speed at which documents must be sent has been shortened dramatically. Instead of the 3-4 week timeframe that existed in the past, offsite auditors are requesting that all documents be sent within 48 hours. For those who are still maintaining paper files, this could be quite a headache as all requested documents would need to be scanned, stored digitally and sent via email in just a few short days.

Making Sure You’re Offsite Audit Ready

Because an offsite audit can happen at any time, it’s important that you have a system in place that keeps you compliant. And while some tasks, such as vehicle maintenance and hours of service must be handled onsite, there are also some processes that can be outsourced to a third-party compliance provider. By working with a provider that has an online system already in place, you’ll be ensuring that much of the paperwork you’ll need is already in a digital format and ready to send at a moment’s notice.

On-Demand Webinar: Is Your Business Ready for Offsite Audits?

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