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FMCSA Clearinghouse Update: New Query Notifications
Mariah Barr
3 mins read

How employers are notified of changes to their drivers' Clearinghouse records has changed. 

As of March 8, 2023, the FMCSA Clearinghouse will notify employers via email if there is a change to a driver’s Clearinghouse record for up to 12 months following a pre-employment or annual Clearinghouse query. New information on a driver’s record that would trigger the notification includes

  • New drug or alcohol violations 
  • Removed violations 
  • Updated return-to-duty status 

Employers’ Clearinghouse query histories will also be updated to reflect that new information is available. 

Until now, employers would receive email notifications about new driver information only within 30 days of running pre-employment queries. 

As a reminder, the FMCSA released another Clearinghouse update on January 6, 2023. You can learn more about it in this Foley article and ensure you’re following the most recent compliance requirements. 

Why You Need an FMCSA Clearinghouse TPA

As an employer of CDL drivers, you know how important it is to run both pre-employment and annual Clearinghouse queries to meet federal regulations. The new notifications update will now give you immediate visibility into your drivers’ violation records that you would not have if you ran only an annual query every 12 months. 

With Foley as your Third-Party Administrator (TPA), you can easily run driver queries to fulfill these basic requirements, but you can also do so more frequently to ensure you’re employing safe, qualified drivers without the increased administrative burden. 

Foley collects employee consent on your behalf for both limited and full Clearinghouse queries according to FMCSA compliance requirements. This reduces your legal risk as an employer and saves time by eliminating the hassle of tracking down drivers to get their consent.  

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Foley also consistently keeps you informed on important Clearinghouse updates like this, and our compliance solutions follow suit. No matter what changes the FMCSA throws our way, you’ll always have peace of mind about your Clearinghouse compliance.  

Request a free demo of our FMCSA Clearinghouse query program now and see how easy it is to manage your driver queries and all the complex federal requirements surrounding them. Fill out the form below to get started.

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