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6 Things You Need to Know About ELD Enforcement
4 mins read

APRIL 3, 2018 – On Sunday, April 1, enforcement officials began issuing out-of-service orders and fines for ELD noncompliance. This enforcement deadline followed a four-month “soft enforcement” period as drivers and officials acclimated to the new mandate and learned the technology. Here’s what you need to know about this full enforcement deadline – and what you must do to stay compliant.

  1. Out-of-Service Orders will be Issued. If you’re required to operate with an ELD, and are caught driving without one, you’ll be immediately placed out of service for 10 hours. Fines and CSA Score points may also be issued at the discretion of the enforcement official.


  1. Placed Out-of-Service? You Must Install an ELD Before Your Next Trip. Once your 10-hour out-of-service order expires, you can use paper logs to reach your intended destination. However, then you must install an ELD before you operate your vehicle again – or risk further enforcement action.


  1. Your Device Must be Compliant. If you’re running an ELD, but it’s not self-registered as compliant with the FMCSA, you will receive the same penalties as a driver caught operating with paper logs. You can check whether your device is compliant by going here: https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/hours-service/elds/eld-manufacturers


  1. The ELD isn’t the Only Requirement. In addition to having the device installed, drivers must also have the following documentation on hand at all times:
    • The ELD user manual
    • Step-by-step instructions on how to transfer data to enforcement officials
    • A step-by-step guide on managing ELD malfunctions, as well as how to manually record hours of service data if needed
    • Blank records of duty graphs so that drivers can manually track their duty status and other required information for at least eight days


  1. The Hours of Service Requirements Aren’t Changing (For Now). Although the way drivers are required to record their hours of service has changed, the regulations around how long they can drive – and their required rest times – has stayed exactly the same. A bill was introduced last week that could give drivers some additional flexibility in their 14-hour on-duty hours. We’ll continue to provide updates on this as they become available.


  1. You Can Temporarily Operate with a Broken Device. All drivers are required to carry blank logs so they can continue logging their hours on paper in the event of a device malfunction. These paper logs can be used for eight days – or longer with approval from the FMCSA.

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