[WEBINAR] The Connection Between Driver File Compliance & Nuclear Verdicts

[WEBINAR] The Connection Between Driver File Compliance & Nuclear Verdicts

Let’s face it: No matter what precautions you and your drivers take, accidents will happen. That’s the very definition of an accident.  

Lately, though, the aftermath has been resembling the plot of a John Grisham novel—one where overzealous prosecutors depict trucking companies as evil, heartless players . . . and emotional juries deliver “nuclear verdicts” as a result. 

In case you’re not familiar with the term, nuclear verdicts are monetary awards that exceed $10 million dollars. And they’re on the rise. In fact, when considering verdicts of over $1 million, the average size increased 1000% between 2010 and 2018. [Source: CNBC] 

That’s the bad news. 

The good news? You can take measures to protect your fleet from multi-million dollar nuclear verdicts.  

And it begins with critical essentials: hiring qualified drivers and maintaining excellent records that prove you’re employing qualified drivers.  

Join us for our upcoming webinar, which gets into the nitty-gritty about everything you need to know to protect your fleet. 

What we’ll cover: 

  • What are nuclear verdicts? 
  • Current stats on nuclear verdicts in the trucking industry 
  • The fallout from nuclear verdicts (think skyrocketing insurance premiums and some carriers going out of business) 
  • What the industry is doing about nuclear verdicts 
  • What lawmakers are doing about nuclear verdicts (along with lawsuit abuse)
  • The role DOT compliance and driver qualification files play in litigation 
  • Why it’s necessary to hire drivers who exceed qualification standards 
  • How the Foley Platform can help you fare better in court

Who should attend: HR managers, fleet owners, and anyone who is responsible for hiring drivers and DOT compliance at your company 


*All registrants will receive an on-demand recording of the webinar. 

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