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3 Ways to Improve Your Driver Recruiting Experience
4 mins read

Note: This article is an excerpt from our new ebook, “Your Driver Recruiting Problem – Solved. A Step-by-Step Guide to Hiring (and Keeping) a Fully-Staffed Fleet.” To download your free copy, please click here.

MARCH 5, 2019 – The first step in maintaining a fully-staffed fleet is to find and hire the right drivers. Remember: it will cost your company more than $25,000 for every new driver you bring on board – an expense that includes all of the recruiting, onboarding and training processes. Even if you’re feeling the pressure to make a hiring decision now, your best bet is to slow down and take your time. A little more time upfront can save a lot of headaches (and money) down the road.

#1: Start Your Search in the Right Places

Between online job boards and social media, job seekers are looking for work online in places like Facebook, Instagram and Indeed – they’re not picking up a newspaper or trade publication and scouring the “help wanted” ads. In fact, 75 percent of truckers report that they check Facebook every day – and many of them are using it to look for jobs.

To get their attention, write a short job description that accurately describes the job you’re trying to fill – as well as some of the core benefits of working for your company. Then, link to an online application that they can fill out immediately if they’re interested in driving for you. In addition to the typical online job boards, don’t forget about those that are specifically designed for truck drivers – those are becoming popular among job seekers, too.

#2: Make it Mobile Friendly

Truck drivers are always on the go – and are likely searching for work on a smartphone or tablet when they’re on break, in the sleeper or waiting to load/unload their truck. This is especially true for the younger generation – 85 percent of whom own a smartphone and access it regularly. To improve response to your online job ads, make sure the application can be easily filled out and submitted from any device. Research has shown that this could improve response by up to 20 percent.

#3: Increase Response with Incentives

When it comes to the millennial generation especially, drivers are looking for more than a paycheck: they’re looking for work-life balance, a positive workplace culture and a focus on family. Think about the ways you can make your company more appealing to job seekers and then implement a few in your company. Perhaps it’s providing long-haul truckers with Wi-Fi access so they can more easily keep in touch with family back home or stream movies during their off-duty time. Or maybe it’s holding regular corporate events to boost morale and build a stronger community.

For more information, check our our article on The Secret to Better Driver Recruitment.

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