Kick-off background checks faster with text messaging

Texting is growing in popularity among job applicants. Don't get left behind.

When it comes to optimizing hiring workflows for mobile, don't forget about your background check process. After all, most applicants prefer communicating via text. Good thing our employee screening is mobile-ready.

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The Screening Continuum

It’s a faster, smarter approach to screening that looks at every part of a candidate’s career. To not only show you where they’ve been, but also where they’re headed. Helping you hire smarter, and mitigate risk at every step.

PAST: Pre-Employment Screening

Did they really earn that degree, work that job, obtain that fancy license? Remember, a person's past helps shape who they become, so confirming whether a person is telling the truth about who they were will tell you a lot about who they are.

PRESENT: Post-Employment Screening

Looking at a person's past isn't enough. People change, for better or worse. Have they recently committed any crimes? Do they abuse drugs, bully others online, or share racist memes? Real-time insights into your applicants can help you avoid hiring people with behaviors that could adversely affect the workplace.

FUTURE: Ongoing Monitoring

How a person acts tomorrow could have a huge effect on your workforce. Ongoing monitoring of social media, criminal record checks, drug use, and motor vehicle records can bring issues to light before they escalate into full-blown disasters.

Our Background Check Services

Get the speed you crave so you can reduce time-to-hire and the insights you need to make confident hiring decisions.

Social Media Monitoring

Bad online behaviors, like racist rants and bullying, can seep into the workplace. Good Egg compliantly alerts you of risks while maintaining people's right to privacy.

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Pre-Employment Drug Test

Workers who abuse drugs are less productive and can have negative effects on morale. Our pre-employment drug tests help weed out drug users before they disrupt your workplace.

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Employment Verifications

A person's employment history can provide a solid snapshot into what you can expect from them. Confirm their professional details so you can make smarter hiring decisions.

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Criminal Background Check

You're probably interested in fast turnarounds. Rest assured that we deliver results quickly without sacrificing accuracy.

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MVR Check

You likely have more people driving on behalf of your company than you realize. An MVR check is an economical way to keep bad drivers off the road.

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Education Verifications

You're probably interested in fast turnarounds. Rest assured that we deliver results quickly without sacrificing accuracy.

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