Drug Screening Employees & Job Applicants

When it comes to pre-employment drug tests and random drug testing, people understandably have tons of questions:

  • How does a drug test work?
  • What types of specimens are used in drug testing?
  • How do you set up an effective alcohol and drug testing program?

Wouldn't it be great if you could get a comprehensive overview of everything employers needed to understand when it comes to drug screening employees? That's exactly why we created The Ultimate Guide to Workplace Drug Testing.

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Good Egg's Approach to Drug Testing & Occupational Health Screening

Our customizable drug screening program gets you quick, accurate results that will inform hiring decisions and allow you to better manage and counsel your existing workforce. Whether you need help with pre-employment drug screening, random drug testing, or both, we've got a program for you. We also offer occupational health screenings, such as physicals and lift tests—and you can easily bundle these with your other screenings.

How does a Good Egg drug test work?

The Good Egg drug screening process is straightforward:

  • You order and schedule the drug test (as part of the background check).
  • The applicant provides a sample.
  • The sample is shipped to the lab.
  • The lab tests the sample.
  • The Medical Review Officer assesses the results.
  • We post the results online in a secure portal for you to access.

How long do our drug tests take?

Typically, our drug screening process takes no more than three business days to complete. We manage everything in-house since we operate our own testing platform. Plus, we have the largest collection-site network in the U.S. (over 10,000 locations!), making it super easy for your job applicants and employees to give samples and complete their drug tests.

Features & Benefits

Quick: usually no more than three business days to get the drug test results!
Accurate: drug test results are reviewed by a board-certified physician tasked with assessing drug screening.
Convenient: over 10,000 locations nationwide, the largest network in the U.S.
Customizable: urine, oral fluid, and hair testing available and instant drug testing and lab-based drug testing also available.
Effective: ongoing monitoring of current employees helps identify issues so you can take a proactive approach.
Health Screenings: Bundle occupational health screens with your drug tests or order them separately—the choice is yours.
100% Secure: your applicants' and employees' privacy are essential.
PBSA-accredited: this is the gold standard in background screening accreditations.

Frequently Asked Question about Verifications


When it comes to drug testing, what are "look-back" periods?

A look-back period refers to how far into the past the specimen can detect the drug in question.

  • With urine, the look-back period is typically within that same week. In some cases—for example, if the person is a chronic marijuana user—the look-back period with a urine test might go back as far as two or three weeks.
  • In the case of hair for drug testing, the look-back period is 90 days (and in some cases, even longer). The hair test won't indicate immediate drug use, however, but rather a pattern of recurring drug use.
  • Oral fluid, by contrast, has a similar look-back window to urine, but it also provides even more immediacy than urine. Oral fluid testing can detect certain drugs in as little as 30-60 minutes after ingestion. It's often used in post-accident drug testing.


How much less productive employees with substance abuse issues are.
[Source: NSC]


How much more likely drug users are to be involved in workplace accidents.
[Source: OHS Inc.]


The number of drug users that are still employed.
[Source: NCADD]

Experience a Better Way to Conduct Drug Test Screening & Monitoring

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