Criminal Checks

Confirm your applicant’s identity and protect your company from illegal activity with a wide range of pre-employment screenings on local, state, and national levels.

• SSN trace
• Country criminal records screen
• State criminal records screen
• Federal criminal records screen
• National DOJ sex offender registry screen
• Federal & country civil records screen


Make sure you’re hiring the most qualified candidate by confirming essential information through a quality pre-employment background check—from academic and professional experience to personal reputation and licensure.

• Education verification
• Employment verification
• Professional reference interview
• Professional license verification

Driver History & MVR Monitoring

Be confident that you’re hiring the safest drivers with pre-employment screenings on license class, status, accident history, and citations.

Motor vehicle record (MVR) monitoring alerts you about suspended licenses and violations ASAP. This post-employment background check is a cost-efficient way to keep bad drivers off the road.

• Motor Vehicle Report
• CDLIS Screen

Credit & Sanctions

In this pre-employment background check, we search over 200 data sources—from personal credit checks to federal fraud, bankruptcy, and international wanted lists—for added protection and peace of mind.

• Credit Check
• Healthcare FACIS Level 3
• OFAC, OIG, plus hundreds of data check sources
• Nationwide Federal Bankruptcy
And 1,000s of other databases

Personal Data Verification

Ensure that you’re building a legal workforce by confirming your applicant’s Social Security information and U.S. work eligibility through a quality pre-employment background check.

• Consent-based SSN verification
• E-Verify
• Electronic I-9
• Workers Compensation claim screen

Clinical Services 

Maintain a safe and productive workforce by conducting pre-employment and post-employment screening for recent drug use and ensuring that your employees are in good physical health to carry out their duties.

• Urinalysis drug screen
• Hair drug screen
• Instant drug screen
• Occupational health exam

Social Media Screening

In this pre-employment screening, you'll get insight into potential cultural fit and protect your company’s reputation by searching your candidate’s online presence and on popular social media platforms.

• News & web screen
• Social media screen

Features & Benefits

Compliant: The rules are just as stringent as they were for your pre-employment screenings. We make sure everything is done in a legal and compliant manner.
Customizable: Choose what types of post-employment background checks you want, and bundle the ones that make sense for your workforce. Consider continuous monitoring, which looks at employees' past, present, and future behaviors.
6-Star Customer Service: Think real-time updates on outstanding screens, single points of contact (all US-based), and same-day callbacks regarding your post-employment background check questions.
Turbo-Charged Technology: Paper-based checks are so last century. Our technology is fast, accurate, and provides true transparency on outstanding screens.
Effective: Learn about issues so you can take a proactive approach.
100% secure: Your candidates' privacy is essential and protected every step of the way.
PBSA-accredited: This is the gold standard in background screening accreditations.

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