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Welcome to Your Compliance Program Portal

Getting Started  |  Portal Overview  |  Compliance Requirements  |  Managing Your Programs


Getting Started

Congratulations, you have made an excellent decision in partnering with Foley for your compliance needs.

Your business is now backed by over 20 years of experience in DOT compliance. Our team of regulatory experts located in Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts currently serve over 40,000 customers across North America. This experience has earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

In our ongoing effort to make your compliance programs easy to manage, Foley has provided you with an online compliance portal, ensuring that your account is fully accessible within a few clicks. Below are some of the key points on getting started. These items are critical for getting your new programs up and running and keeping you in compliance for years to come.


Available Quick Start Video Guides

Once your terms and conditions have been signed you will have access to quick start video guides that will assist you in managing your programs with ease. Video categories include: Portal Functionality, Compliance Requirements and Managing Your Programs.

Some videos that will be useful are:


Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance Materials

  1. Online Compliance Readiness Guide: This resource is a comprehensive step-by-step guide on complying with DOT regulations and how to pass your Audit as well as what you need to do to keep your business in compliance
  2. Certificate of Drug and Alcohol Program Enrollment: This certificate is proof of your enrollment in a drug and alcohol testing program. Easily accessible in case of a DOT audit.
  3. Driver Cards: Printable unique wallet cards for each of your drivers that are enrolled in your Drug and Alcohol Program.
  4. Testing Locations List: This interactive webpage allows you to search by location to quickly identify the closest collection sites, along with a snapshot of available services. You can access the testing locator here: https://www.foleyservices.com/collection-site-locator/
  5. Employee List: This list shows all the employees who are enrolled in your Drug and Alcohol Testing Program. It’s important that you review this list carefully and make changes to any employees that are missing, listed incorrectly or need to be removed.
  6. Custody and Controls Forms (CCF’s): Will be shipped to you separately. These will be sent directly from the lab and will arrive in 10-14 business days. The package will be delivered by FedEx and no signature is required. Please Note: You are only required to bring a CCF to the testing facility for drug screens. You do not need a CCF for alcohol testing. 


Driver File Qualification Compliance Materials

As your compliance partner, you can count on us to organize, standardize and maintain your Driver Qualification File(s) to keep you compliant with FMCSR Part 391.

  • To comply with federal regulations, we will ensure each driver has a DOT-compliant application, three years of employment verifications and an accident history report.
  • We will assemble your required Safety Performance History and Driver Qualification File and provide you with a digital copy on the Foley Portal. Please note that while you will not receive a hard copy of your driver files, we will store a digital version for you that you can print at any time.
  • We will make sure your files stay up to date. This includes running your annual motor vehicle report and reminders when your medical certificate needs an update.

Many aspects of creating and maintaining these files are governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The FCRA governs the extent to which an employer can obtain credit reports and background information about a “consumer” (including criminal background information) from a consumer reporting agency. In terms of employment, the FCRA defines “consumer” as any prospective or current employee for whom you request a report from a consumer reporting agency for the purpose of evaluating the person for employment, promotion, reassignment or retention purposes.