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Completing Your USDOT Number Registration


Thank you for taking this next step towards completing your DOT Number registration. We’ve heard too many stories of carriers paying way too much for their registrations and look forward to helping you navigate this often complex process.

Due to the federal requirements, we do need you to complete the following steps prior to beginning your registration. This is simply a legal requirement for the Department of Transportation that allows us to submit the application on your behalf.


Completing the Form


  1. Download a copy of our limited Power of Attorney form. This form only gives us the ability to prepare applications and convey information on your behalf.
  2. Take the unsigned document to a notary public to sign and have notarized. This service is available at many local banks, travel agencies, real estate offices, law firms, pharmacies, city clerks’ offices, UPS stores and FedEx locations. You will need to provide your state-issued ID for identification purposes.
  3. Email or fax the notarized document back to us at POA@foleyservices.com or (860) 913-2452.


Once we receive the notarized form, you’ll receive your DOT number within one to two days.


We’re excited to provide you with this important service. If you have any questions about this form or your pending registrations, please contact us at (800) 253-5506.


NOTE: All sales are final. As part of providing this service to you, Foley is incurring significant costs. This includes purchasing required licenses from the U.S. government and therefore no refunds will be given.