Getting Started

As a new motor carrier, you have a lot to look forward to: the promise of a growing industry, the independence of owning your own business and the freedom of the open road. There are also a lot of regulations you must meet – and that starts with the permits, registrations and DOT compliance programs you need to operate legally.

Below are the documents and programs you must have in place prior to your new entrant safety audit, which usually takes place within the first six months of obtaining your USDOT Number. Although this audit is designed to be educational, it is a serious process. Keep in mind that a failure here could put your business on hold…in some cases, permanently.

Permits & Registrations

The permits and registrations you need will vary depending on where you drive and what you carry. From determining what you’re required to have, to handling the paperwork on your behalf, the experts at Foley are here to help.



It’s not uncommon for new entrants to have trouble finding coverage, and if they do, it’s often very expensive. At Foley, we work with a wide network of reputable insurance providers to help you find the coverage you need – at a price you can afford.

DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Program

If you’re an interstate motor carrier who operates a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of 26,001+ pounds, you must participate in a compliant drug and alcohol program that includes pre-employment and random drug testing. This regulation applies to motor carriers of all sizes – even owner operators.

For one, flat annual fee, we’ll manage your entire program and ensure you have everything you need to stay compliant – from a customized drug and alcohol policy to a scientifically random testing program.

Driver QualificationNo Hidden Fees
One flat annual fee includes everything you need to run a compliant drug and alcohol testing program – including your random and post-accident tests.
Driver QualificationA Large Network of Clinics
With over 12,000 clinics across the country, you’ll always be close to an approved testing site when a pre-employment, random or post-accident test is needed.
Driver Qualification24/7 Testing Support
Accidents don’t just happen during business hours. We’ll help you locate the nearest in-network clinic so you can get your required tests and avoid high hospital testing fees.
Driver Qualification
Driver Qualification
Driver Qualification

Driver File Management

As a commercial motor carrier, there are documents you must keep on file to comply with federal requirements.

To ensure your driver files are always complete, accurate and up to date, Foley will create your files and perform all of the necessary background checks for you. Once complete, one copy goes to you and the other is stored securely with us.

Hours of Service

Confused by hours of service regulations? From tracking your on-duty hours, to providing you with noncompliance alerts, our free mobile application takes the guesswork out of maintaining your records. It also allows for fast and compliant vehicle inspections!


IFTA Data & Preparation

Filing your tax reports doesn’t need to be difficult.

With our free mobile app, you can automatically track your mileage, state crossing information and fuel expenses – no trip reports or paper receipts required.

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