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Registration and Insurance

Regulation Breakdown

Whether you are a safety manager with a large national fleet or an owner-operator running your own business, you are responsible for maintaining your company’s compliance with a wide variety of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. The table below outlines key regulation requirements and provides our recommended solutions for maintaining compliance. For more information, please call a Compliance Specialist at 1-800-253-5506.


Requirement Solution
To maintain your USDOT number, you must file an MCS-150 every 24 months. (49 CFR Part 355) Our Compliance Specialists can help you identify your registration needs if you have made changes to your operations.
You must maintain minimum levels of insurance coverage on all of your vehicles. The amount of coverage required varies depending on your operation. (49 CFR Part 387.7) Call a Foley Compliance Specialist for information on our insurance providers that specialize in commercial motor vehicle operators.

Operating Authority

What Is it?

Operating Authority denotes what kind of motor carrier you are and what kind of work you do.

Who Needs it?

If you are operating as a for-hire Commercial Motor Vehicle in Interstate commerce, you will need to get Operating Authority from the FMCSA. Operating Authority is sometimes known as an MC Number.

How to Get It

Foley’s Basic Operating Authority Package guides individuals and companies through the Operating Authority registration process and provides start-up carriers with DOT numbers. Simply call 1-800-253-5506 to discuss your needs with a trained Compliance Specialist. As a part of this service, a trained Compliance Specialist will:

  • Identify your Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) registration requirements.
  • Complete and submit all required forms to the FMCSA.
  • Provide you with your USDOT Number and Operating Authority Information.

As previously discussed, the URS portal will grant your Operating Authority when you register for your USDOT Number. This process became effective for all motor carriers on September 30, 2016.


What Is it?

BOC-3 is a “Blanket of Coverage” that assigns a person or entity in all 50 states to receive legal papers on your behalf.

Who Needs it?

If you are operating a for-hire and/or private fleet, Commercial Motor Vehicle in Interstate commerce (if you have an Operating Authority), you must have a current BOC-3 form on file with FMCSA to secure operating authority and maintain active operating status. Starting on September 30, 2016, all new motor carriers must have a BOC-3 filed before their DOT Number registration will be granted. If you currently have a USDOT Number, but haven’t yet filed your BOC-3, you must do so to avoid having your DOT Number deactivated.

How to Get It

Get into compliance with Foley’s BOC-3, a Blanket Legal Entity for all 50 states which provides the legal names, addresses and phone numbers of processing agents in each state. Simply call 1-800-253-5506 to discuss your needs with a trained Compliance Specialist.

Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)

What Is it?

The Unified Carrier Registration is a registration number and fee for vehicles crossing state lines that pays for enforcement activity. The UCR is paid each calendar year (Jan-Dec). This means that if you purchase a UCR in November, you will need to purchase another one in January.

Who Needs it?

If you are operating any Commercial Motor Vehicle in Interstate commerce, you will need to apply for your Unified Carrier Registration.

How to Get It

Our Compliance Specialists can promptly process your Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) filing during normal business hours. All you need to do is provide us with some basic information about your business and/or your fleet and pay the applicable amount. We’ll take care of the rest. Simply call 1-800-253-5506 to register your company.


Much like driving a car, operating a Commercial Motor Vehicle requires you to have insurance. The amount and type of insurance coverage that you need depends on what kind of carrier you are. You will need to have this insurance in place if you want to get Operating Authority from FMCSA:

Property Carriers
If you are a property carrier, you will need between $750,000 and $5,000,000 in liability insurance depending on the commodities you transport (you should consult a licensed insurance broker). If you haul non-hazardous freight only in vehicles that weigh less than 10,001 lbs., you will need $300,000 in liability insurance coverage.

You will also need Cargo Insurance in the amount of $5,000 per vehicle and $10,000 per occurrence.
Passenger Carriers
If you are a passenger carrier using any vehicles with more than 15 seats, you will need $5,000,000 in liability insurance. If you are a passenger carrier only using vehicles with less than 15 seats, you will need $1,500,000 in liability insurance.

Insurance Solutions from Foley

If you are looking for insurance or are looking for a better quote, Foley can help. We have partnerships with insurance providers who specialize in motor carriers. Call 1-800-253-5506 for more details.

Hazardous Materials

If you are transporting hazardous materials, you are held to a slightly higher standard of compliance by the DOT. This is because with many hazmats, the risk of catastrophic accidents is much higher than with standard cargo. A lot of these additional restrictions are obvious — for example, you will not be allowed to use certain bridges or tunnels. Other requirements involve digging into the regulation book.

Note: Most printings of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations do not include all the hazardous materials rules. You will need to review this information separately.

Hazardous Materials Security Plan

To ensure that your cargo is not susceptible to theft or terrorist attack, you will need to develop a security plan. Your plan will need to cover both the security of your facility and your vehicles and provide clear procedures for you and your employees to follow. You will also need to provide training for your employees on what they must know regarding hazardous materials security.
Foley can help you write a comprehensive Security Plan. Working closely with you, we create an individualized plan that meets your unique needs. For a free consultation on this highly customized program, call a Compliance Specialist today at 1-800-253-5506.

Hazardous Materials Security Training

We can also provide Hazardous Materials Security Training. Call a Compliance Specialist today at 1-800-253-5506.

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