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Driver File Management

Regulation Breakdown

The table below outlines key regulatory requirements and provides our recommended solutions for maintaining compliance. For more information, please call a Compliance Specialist at 1-800-253-5506

Requirement Solution
Employer must provide drivers with a copy of their rights before accepting an application. (49 CFR Part 391.23) Foley’s DOT-Compliant application automatically provides drivers with a Summary of Rights. Because the application is DOT and FCRA compliant, it can be used by Foley to kick off the required background check process once the application is submitted for a simplified Driver File creation process.
Motor carriers who operate CMVs with GVWRs over 10,000 pounds must prepare and maintain Driver Qualification Files (DQF) for each driver. (49 CFR Part 391.51) Our Driver File program includes the creation of an electronic Driver Qualification File for every driver. This file will include the DOT-compliant application, as well as a variety of other documents that we’ll gather from you and upload into your portal account to create complete and 100% digital files.
Employer must prepare and maintain a Safety Performance History File and perform background checks on all newly hired drivers. (49 CFR Part 391.53) The information obtained from the DOT-Compliant Application will be used to kick-off the background check process and cover all of the required Safety Performance History inquiries. Once the prior employment verifications, accident record checks and other required checks have been completed, this information will be compiled into a fully digital and secure Safety Performance History file that can be accessed as needed from your portal account.

Your New Entrant Safety Audit is over within the first 12 months of registering with the DOT, but compliance with the regulations must continue for the life of your company. One important task is the management of your Driver Files, which must continue for the duration of each driver’s employment with your company. As part of this process, you must carefully monitor document expiration dates and run an annual MVR for each driver. Some of this information must also kept in a secure location that is only accessible by those directly involved in the hiring process.

At Foley, we are a team of compliance experts who will manage all aspects of your file creation and management – ensuring your files are 100% complete and audit ready.

  1. Compliant Background Checks: Provide applicants and new employees with a secure link to our free DOT-compliant application to complete during the hiring process. Not only will this application become part of their file, but it will provide us with the information needed to fulfill their required background checks.
  2. Driver File Creation: We’ll use the information gathered through the application process to create compliant Driver Qualification Files for all of your drivers. These files will be electronically stored in your account where they can be easily viewed and edited as needed.
  3. Driver File Management: We won’t just create a compliant file for every driver in your fleet – we’ll keep them that way. From running an annual Motor Vehicle Report on each driver, to alerting you to document expiration dates, we’ll fully manage your Driver Qualification Files to help ensure they remain compliant and complete.
  4. MVR Monitoring: Our MVR Monitoring Service performs a monthly check on all drivers to see whether any new motor vehicle violations have been reported. Not only will you be alerted to potential issues quickly, but you’ll often save money on your annual insurance premiums, as well.

Required Files

Driver Files are the required documentation that you must keep for each of your safety-sensitive employees (including yourself if you are a driver). They prove that your driver is safe enough, healthy enough and trained enough to drive a commercial motor vehicle. The files include the information you gathered during the hiring process, as well as regular updates such as Medical Examiner’s Certificates and Motor Vehicle Reports. Files cover a 3-5 year period and must include the information listed below:


Driver Qualification File

  • Application for Employment
  • Medical Examiner’s Certificate or Photographic Copy
  • Road Test Certificate
  • Annual Record of Violations
  • Initial Motor Vehicle Report for Each State the Driver Held a License/Permit in the Past Three Years
  • Annual Motor Vehicle Report
  • Annual Review of Driving Record
  • Skill Performance Evaluation (SPE) Certificate
  • Notification of Conviction for a Driver Violation (if applicable)
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation Training Acknowledgement
  • Cargo Education Training Acknowledgement
  • Other Motor Carrier’s Driver Certificate and Verification (if applicable)
  • Entry-Level Driver Training Certificate
  • LCV Training Certificate
  • Certificate of Grandfathering for LCV Drivers

Safety Performance History File

  • Receipt of Driver Rights
  • Driver’s Written Authorization to Release Information
  • Safety Performance History Inquiry
  • Record of Previous Employers Contacted
  • Record of Failure to Obtain Required Safety Information (if applicable)
  • Applicant Request to Review Safety Information (if applicable)


You may have to build other files in order to maintain compliance. For example, for a DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program. You should follow the instructions for record keeping that come with your program and keep files separately from the Driver Files listed previously.

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