Permits and Registrations

Having the correct permits and registrations is one of the first steps to operating as a successful motor carrier.

To make sure you’re ready to hit the open road, partner with Foley. Not only will we help advise you on the permits and registrations you need, but we’ll make sure all your paperwork is submitted correctly.

Below are some of the most popular permits and registrations we have available. If you have an additional need, please fill out the form or call us at (800) 253-5506.

Department of Transportation Number

USDOT Numbers are used to identify and monitor motor carriers. They are required for all interstate carriers, most intrastate carriers and those who require a hazmat placard.

MCS-150 Biennial Update

The MCS-150 update ensures the information associated with your DOT# is up to date. All motor carriers are required to file this update every two years.

Operating Authority

Operating Authority describes the type of carrier you are and the kind of work you do. It is required for all for-hire carriers, as well as those who transport passengers or federally-regulated commodities.

Unified Carrier Registration

A Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) is an annual fee required for all carriers who cross state lines.

Blanket of Coverage

A Blanket of Coverage assigns a person or entity to receive legal papers on your behalf in every state you operate. It is required for all for-hire, interstate carriers.

Hazardous Materials Permits

A Hazardous Materials Safety Permit is required if you’re transporting radioactive materials, explosives, “toxic by inhalation materials,” or methane.

Oversized/Overload Permits

If your vehicle exceeds the legal size or weight limits of the state you’re traveling through, you will need an oversize/overweight permit.

Interstate Trip Permits

If you’re an interstate carrier traveling into a state where you’re not registered to travel, you will need to obtain a trip permit.

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