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DOT Exam Software for DOT Physical Automation

Auto-order DOT physicals 60 days before medical certificates expire. No more violations, more peace of mind.
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Meet FMCSA Physical Requirements & Avoid Medical Card Expirations

Foley’s DOT physical software eliminates the manual process of ordering DOT medical exams and alerts you to upcoming medical certificate expiration dates. Once a preferred collection site is set for a driver, Foley takes care of the rest.

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Convenient DOT Physical Software
Convenient DOT Physical Software
Avoid the #1 Driver File Violation
All current and historic medical certificates are stored in a single, digital source of truth to reduce the risk of failing safety audits due to non-compliant driver files.
Get 24/7 DOT Compliance Expert Support
Gain access to Foley’s team of software, industry, and regulatory experts who have decades of experience in DOT-regulated and safety-sensitive industries. 
Rely on a Nationwide Network of Medical Examiners
No matter where your drivers are, Foley offers referral sites with FMCSA-certified physicians who are trained to deliver accurate DOT physical exam results. 
Meet Driver Physical Qualification Standards
Evaluate your DOT-regulated drivers’ health and physical conditions to ensure they’re able to safely operate commercial motor vehicles.
Case Study
Elberta-CS Image
Elberta-CS Image
How Elberta Logistics Eliminated Manual DOT Compliance Management with Foley

“I don’t sweat it anymore when it comes to compliance. If there’s an audit, I just need to click a button and I’ll have all the information I need. Foley has made our jobs a lot easier.” 

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Whether you’re looking for a quick background check or a comprehensive DOT compliance solution, Foley can help.