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Resumes and employment applications are an important part of the hiring process.  But with up to sixty percent of these documents containing inaccurate information, it’s critical that you have a way to validate employment and educational information before you make a decision.

At Foley, we provide fast and compliant verification searches to make sure your applicants have the experience and credentials they’ve identified during the hiring process.  Common practice is to verify all higher education, certificate, licensed practitioner claims and up to three prior employers.  For high-value candidates, you’ll also want to verify up to three professional references.  Additional verifications may be required for regulated industries.

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Available Searches

Information provided by the candidate in regards to their past employers is validated by contacting each employer or their contracted service directly.  Verifications typically include the employer’s information, start and end dates, title upon departure and eligibility for rehire.  When possible, we’ll also verify compensation.
We recommend verifying the candidate’s highest level of education as part of the pre-employment screening process. This verification provides information on the applicant’s dates of attendance, major areas of study, degrees earned and transcript information.
During a reference verification, we’ll contact and interview the applicant’s professional references. These interviews are based on a series of pre-set and custom questions in an interview format to help you uncover basic employment and performance inquiries, as well as industry knowledge and skills.

Confirming an applicant’s credentials through a professional license verification is critical where licenses and certifications are required. To verify credentials, we’ll contact the licensing authority to verify the applicant’s current standing and related information.
Return times vary by agency.

Through this verification process, we obtain a copy of the candidate’s DD214 to verify the candidate’s dates of service, as well as their rank, awards, special education and the nature of their discharge from the service.
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