2023 Safety Calendar

Is Your Company at Risk?

Enforcement is in Full Effect

With fines set at $5,833 per violation, now’s the time to make sure you’re operating compliantly.

  • January Safety & Compliance Events

    Featured Event

    Jan 6 National

    Annual Clearinghouse Queries Due
    Don't forget to run your annual queries! You must run a query on each driver you employ at least once every 12 months.

    Jan 8 - Jan 12 Washington, D.C.

    Transportation Research Board Conference
    The theme of this year's meeting is: Rejuvenation Out of Disruption: Envisioning a Transportation System for a Dynamic Future.

    Jan 14 - Jan 18 Orlando, FL

    Private Fleet Management Institute - PFMI 2023
    This year's event will provide attendees with courses on Fleet Finance, Operations, Legal, Regulatory and Safety Compliance, Human Resources, as well as Maintenance and Equipment.

    Jan 17 - Jan 19 Washington, D.C.

    SAE Government/Industry Meeting
    This highly-regarded annual conference provides government, regulatory and policy makers in the automotive industry a necessary, neutral forum to discuss the effects of government regulations, new and forthcoming technologies, and consumer expectations on vehicle design.

    Jan 16 - Jan 20 Grapevine, TX

    Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week
    The largest North American gathering of the independent heavy-duty aftermarket industry.

    Jan 23 - Jan 25 Atlanta, GA

    Jump Start
    A three-day supply chain event for carriers, shippers, logistics service providers and technology providers.

    Jan 23 - Jan 27 San Antonio, TX

    2023 Cooperative Hazardous Materials Enforcement Development (COHMED) Conference
    An opportunity for hazmat professionals to discuss concerns and perspectives on hazmat enforcement and regulations.
    Featured Event

    Jan 31 National

    4th Quarter IFTA Due
    Fourth Quarter fuel taxes are due today!

    All Month National

    American Heart Month
    An annual awareness campaign aimed at recognizing the prevelance of heart and cardiovascular disease.

    Feb 4 - Feb 7 Washington, D.C.

    Winter National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) Conference
    Join high-level leadership from federal agencies, members of Congress and active Sheriffs to discuss current legisation and trending technologies.

    Feb 5 - Feb 7 La Jolla, CA

    National Motor Freight Transport Association Meeting
    First NMFTA Member meeting of 2023

    Feb 17 - Feb 21 Phoenix, AZ

    American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA)’s Annual Convention & Traffic Expo 2023
    Connect with industry leaders, discover the latest in safety and take advantage of the newest innovations at the nation's premier conference on roadway safety.

    Feb 12 National

    Super Bowl LVII
    Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving. Remind your employees: Fans Don't Let Fans Drive Drunk.
    Featured Event

    Feb 15 National

    Recommendation: DOT Recordkeeping consultation
    Do you have a compliant recordkeeping solution in place? Learn how you can increase your compliance, while saving both time and money.

    Feb 28 - Mar 2 Orlando, FL

    Specialized Transportation Symposium
    A discussion of safety, regulations, compliance and other pressing topics in the specialized transportation industry.

    Feb 23 - Feb 24 Long Beach, CA

    TPM 2023
    A conference focused on critical transportation, logistics and supply chain issues.

    All Month National

    Workplace Eye Wellness Month
    Eye health is critical to the safety (and future careers) of your drivers.

    Mar 27 - Mar 2 Orlando, FL

    TMC 2023 Annual Meeting
    North America's Premier Technical Event.

    Mar 7 - Mar 13 National

    Vehicle Safety Recalls Week (NHTSA)
    Highlights the importance of getting recalls fixed immediately and checking for recalls multiple times a year.

    Mar 7 - Mar 10 Indianapolis, IN

    Work Truck Week 2023 - National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA)
    North America's largest work truck event.

    Apr 2 - Apr 4 Chicago, IL

    Lifesavers 2023 Conference
    The largest gathering of highway safety professionals in the United States.
    Featured Event

    May 16 - May 18 National

    Recommendation: Make Sure You’re Roadcheck Ready
    Inspection season is here! Make sure you and your drivers are ready.

    Mar 17 National

    St Patrick's Day
    Materials from the NHTSA's Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving Campaign. Review these facts and share the word about the dangers of drunk driving so you can continue merry-making for all the St. Paddy’s Days to come.

    Mar 4 - Mar 7 Orlando, FL

    TCA’s 2023 Annual Convention
    The premier event for truckload professionals.

    Mar 30 - Apr 1 Louisville, KY

    Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS)
    The annual event will be held at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY.

    All Month National

    Workplace Violence Awareness Month
    We all need to do our part to enhance workplace safety.

    All Month National

    Alcohol Awareness Month (National Institutes of Health)
    Resources to bring awareness to alcohol abuse, as well as information to help your employees assess their own drinking habits.

    All Month National

    National Distracted Driving Awareness Month (National Safety Council)
    Do your part to keep our roadways and your drivers safer.

    Apr 23 - Apr 27 Memphis, TN

    CVSA Workshop
    Collaborate with colleagues in transportation to enhance the safety of our industry and the roadways.

    Apr 19 - Apr 22 Orlando, FL

    TIA 2023 Conference & Exhibition
    Annual conference of the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA).

    Apr 17 - Apr 21 National

    National Work Zone Awareness Week (Michigan) Federal Highway Administration
    It's the beginning of construction season. Take this time to remind drivers to be mindful and use their best judgement when entering work zones.
    Featured Event

    All Month National

    Reminder: Are You Up to Date on Your Pre-Employment Queries?
    You must have a full query on file for every new driver you’ve hired this year.

    Apr 26 National

    Administrative Professionals Day
    Take a moment to celebrate the administrative professionals who work in your office.

    Apr 4 - Apr 6 Minneapolis, MN

    Safety, Security & Human Resources National Conference & Exhibition (American Trucking Associations)
    The top conference for safety, security and HR professionals in trucking and transportation.

    All Month National

    Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month (NHTSA)
    Motorcycle season is upon us. Here are safety tips you can share with drivers to keep our roadways safe.

    All Month National

    National Bicycle Safety Month (NHTSA)
    Bicycle season is upon us. Here are safety tips you can share with drivers to keep our roadways safe.

    May 1 - May 5 National

    Construction Safety Week
    Promoting safety in the construction industry.

    May 3 National

    Walk & Bike to School Day
    Have drivers be on the lookout. They may see more children riding and walking to school today!

    May 14 Manheim, PA

    2023 Mother's Day Truck Convoy
    The annual Make-a-Wish Mother's Day Truck Convoy kicks off in Manheim, Pennsylvania.

    May 2 - May 4 Anaheim, CA

    ACT Expo
    The largest event focused on advanced transportation technology and clean fuels.
    Featured Event

    May 16 National

    Recommendation: Maintain Driver Safety
    Within a few weeks, summer parties and vacations will be in full swing. An MVR Monitoring program will make sure you don’t miss a serious driver violation – so that you can remove unsafe drivers from the roadways as quickly as possible.
    Featured Event

    May 16 - May 18 National

    International Roadcheck Week
    The annual inspection event will be held this week.

    May 3 National

    Bike to Work Day
    Make drivers aware: they'll be sharing the road with more cyclists today.

    May 22 - Jun 4 National

    Click It or Ticket High-Visibility Enforcement Campaign (NHTSA)
    Remind drivers about the importance of buckling up and driving safely. There will be an uptick in enforcement this week.

    Jun 27 - Jul 3 National

    Tire Safety Week
    An annual campaign to educate motorists about proper tire care and safety. Take this time to educate drivers so they can do their part to keep our roadways safe.

    All Month National

    National Safety Month
    An annual event to enhance the safety of our workplaces.
    Featured Event

    Jun 1 National

    Reminder: 2022 Hazmat Registration is Now Open
    Hazmat carriers must complete this registration by July 1.

    Jun 3 - Jun 4 Moncton, New Brunswick

    TCA’s Annual Safety & Security Division
    A meeting of truckload carrier safety professionals to discuss problems, share ideas and seek solutions to increase business and roadway safety.

    Jun 5 - Jun 8 Williamsburg, NJ

    Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference (EUFMC)
    The premier conference for fleets that operate utility equipment.


    Secure Your Load Day
    An annual event designed to highlight the dangers of improperly secured loads.

    Jun 9 - Jun 11 Springfield, IL

    ATHS National Convention & Truck Show
    The three-day event includes a line-up of interesting speakers, as well as a large historic truck show.

    Jun 12 - Jun 15 Portland, ME

    National Motor Freight Transport Association Meeting
    Second meeting of 2022 for NMFTA members.

    Jun 12 - Jun 15 New Orleans, LA

    2022 SHRM (Society for Human Resource Mgmt) Annual Conference & Expo
    This year's annual conference will be held in New Orleans, LA.

    Jun 14 National

    National Forklift Safety Day
    A campaign aimed at promoting forklift safety.

    Jun 20 National

    Ride to Work Day
    Motorcyclists will be out in greater numbers today. Remind drivers to keep a lookout to help keep our roadways safe.

    Jun 27 - Jun 29 Chicago, IL

    2022 ASSP Professional Development Conference & Exposition
    This annual event focuses on solutions to your greatest occupational safety and health challenges.

    All Month National

    Vehicle Theft Prevention Month (NHTSA)
    Vehicle and truck thefts are all too common an occurance. This month is a good time to educate drivers about important steps they can take to keep their trucks (and cargo) safe.

    All Month National

    UV Safety Awareness Month
    With the summer months upon us, now is a good time to educate drivers about the damaging effects of UV rays.
    Featured Event

    Jul 1 National

    2023-2024 Hazmat Registration Due
    This is the last day to file your Hazmat registration for next year.

    Jul 4 National

    4th of July
    Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving. Remind your employees to drink (and drive) responsibly during their summertime celebrations.
    Featured Event

    Jul 10 - Jul 16 National

    Safe Driver Week
    The annual event is here! Now's a good time to remind drivers about the importance of safe, non-distracted driving.
    Featured Event

    Aug 1 National

    2nd Quarter IFTA Due
    Second Quarter fuel taxes are due today!

    Aug 16 - Sep 4 National

    Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over High-Visibility Enforcement Campaign (NHTSA)
    This annual enforcement event is aimed at preventing impaired driving among motorists and truck drivers.
    Featured Event

    Aug 20 - Aug 26 National

    Brake Safety Week
    A week-long enforcement initiative to ensure brake safety.

    Sep 6 - Sep 8 Orlando, FL

    NPCT National Safety Conference 2023
    The annual conference of the National Private Truck Council focuses on safety and security issues facing today's private fleets.
    Featured Event

    Sep 10 - Sep 16 National

    National Truck Driver Appreciation Week
    How will you celebrate your truck drivers and say "thank you" for their hard work?

    Sep 11 - Sep 13 Long Beach, CA

    Intermodal EXPO 2023
    Educational and networking events for professionals in intermodal transportation.

    Sep 26 - Sep 28 Madison, WI

    Annual International Conference of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA)
    Networking and educational sessions on driver and vehicle safety, fraud detection and prevention and the impact of COVID-19.

    Oct 2 - Oct 4 Washington, DC

    ATA Safety Management Council (SMC) and Transportation Security Council (TSC) Policy Conference
    A platform to discuss important issues regarding trucking safety and security.

    Sep 17 - Sep 21 Grapevine, TX

    2023 CVSA Annual Conference and Exhibition
    This event focuses on enhancing transportation safety throughout North America.

    Sep 17 - Sep 21 Cleveland, OH

    Fall Meeting of the ATA Technology & Maintenance Council
    This event focuses on the improvement of transport equipment, its maintenance and maintenance management.

    All Month National

    Pedestrian Safety Month (NHTSA)
    A campaign to remind drivers about the dangers of distracted driving - and the importance of keeping pedestrians safe.
    Featured Event

    Oct 1 National

    Annual UCR Registration Begins
    2023 UCR Registration is now ope

    Oct 16 - Oct 18 Nashville, TN

    NMFTA Member Meeting
    The third meeting of the National Motor Freight Traffic Association in 2022.

    Oct 17 - Oct 21 National

    National School Bus Safety Week (American School Bus Council)
    School bus safety is important for all of us. Use this time to educate drivers about the importance of giving school buses plenty of room on the roadways.

    Oct 20 - Oct 21 Moncton, New Brunswick

    Atlantic Transportation & Logistics Show
    Marketed as the largest truck show east of Montreal.

    Oct 31 National

    Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving. Remind your employees to drink (and drive) responsibly this Halloween.
    Featured Event

    Nov 1 National

    3rd Quarter IFTA Due
    Third Quarter fuel taxes are due today!
    Featured Event

    Nov 15 National

    Reminder: Have You Met Your End-of-Year Compliance Requirements?
    You must have a 2022 UCR, as well as an annual MVR and Clearinghouse query on each driver.

    Nov 24 National

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    All Month National

    National Impaired Driving Prevention Month
    A national campaign to prevent distracted, drugged and drunk driving during the holiday season.
    Featured Event

    All Month National

    Compliance Reminder: Are all MVRs run for the year?
    A reminder that you must have an updated MVR on file for all of your drivers.
    Featured Event

    All Month National

    Compliance Reminder: Are all Clearinghouse queries run for the year?
    A reminder to run your pre-employment and annual queries for all of your drivers by end of year.

    Dec 14 - Jan 1 National

    Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over High-Visibility Enforcement Campaign (NHTSA)
    This annual enforcement event is aimed at preventing impaired driving among motorists and truck drivers.
    Featured Event

    Dec 31 National

    UCR Registration Due
    2023 UCR Registrations are due today.
    Featured Event

    Apr 30 Orlando, FL

    1st Quarter IFTA Due
    First Quarter fuel taxes are due today!