Whoops! FMCSA Accidentally Unveils Sleep Apnea Plans

FMCSA was left red faced on Friday as it accidentally published its plans for sleep apnea testing in the Federal Register. The agency initially published the recommendations along with a request for comments only to recall the notice claiming that it had be put up because of a ‘clerical error’ (no we don’t know how that happens either).

In a statement issued on Friday Afternoon FMCSA said:

“FMCSA is withdrawing its proposed regulatory guidance for obstructive sleep apnea and request for comment as published in today’s Federal Register. The agency is still in the process of carefully reviewing the recommendations submitted by the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee and Medical Review Board. The initial publication was a clerical error. We anticipate requesting public comment on the recommendations later this year.”

So now that we have been given a sneak peak as to what FMCSA is planning for sleep apnea regulation, what can we expect when the ‘official’ rules are finally released?

According to the accidental release, FMCSA would like to stagger certification for drivers with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 35 or greater. Initially they will receive a 60-day certification an must undergo a sleep study. Then they will get a 90-day certification and, if there are no sleep apnea related issues, the driver will receive a one-year certification.

Doctors will be able to cite a number of sleep apnea triggers to make a driver go through a sleep lab. These include male drivers and post-menopausal female drivers with a BMI of 28 and have been in a crash; Male drivers with a 17- inch neck or female drivers with a 15.5-inch neck; drivers older than 42; drivers with a family history of sleep apnea; and drivers with a small jaw.

There would also be additional punishments (decertifications and disqualifications) for drivers who have crashes associated with falling asleep, have not been using a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure device, or who report excessive sleepiness during normal waking hours.

That last note seems unlikely to make it to a Final Rule; surely punishing drivers who self-report issues is counterproductive and would only serve to make matters worse. Which perfectly illustrates the point that these are ‘pre-release’ unfinished regulations. There is a good chance the regulations that actually get release will be a great deal different.

We’d love to hear you thoughts on the sleep apnea problem (or if you even think its a problem at all) in the comments section.

57 thoughts on “Whoops! FMCSA Accidentally Unveils Sleep Apnea Plans”

  1. I am 43 years old and I had a sleep study done on my own accord last year. They said I have sleep apnea and they put me on a CPAP machine. I spent over $3,000 on the two overnight sleep studies, the machine, the masks, filters, etc. That does not include the Primary Care Doctor visite that had to take place just to get the referal.

    All this and a year of using this machine, having to wash the mask every night and wash the water tank and hoses out with vinegar every week (real hastle and time consuming) AND NO CHANGE IN MY SLEEP OR HEALTH> Thats right! I am still sleepy during the day. I am still not getting anymore rest at night. To top it all off, my wife gets less sleep now because of the hose rubbing things and the noise of the CPAP machine. All-in all, I think this whole thing is just another corporate scam to make money and has nothing to do with SAFETY on the road. Sincerely, Don Morgan

    1. I was recently tested becuase of being a little over weight,according to the doctor. it was said I am moderate??? and need to wear this thing that is costing me $1000.00 payroll deducted of course. I was told I need to wear it for at least 4 hrs a night. I was also told I could wear it during my 30 min break…wear it for an hr here, an hr there as long as I had a total of 4 hrs total for that day. Really??? Sounds like a scam to me. I wore it for 30 mins 1 day then 2 hrs later had it on for 2 hrs then 4 hrs later put it on for 2 more hrs then called sleep point the next morning and they said I was doing good that it showed I had used it for 4 1/2 hrs the night before. I told the lady what I did and she said the machine just calculates total time used, not at what time or for how long each time….SCAM??????

    2. It all mounts down to money in the pockets I feel. I believe we are who we are who we are. I don’t believe they are right in what they are doing. But it’s a way to make Dr’s and hospitals makes more money.

    3. Public safety is a euphemism for PROTECTION RACKET. These disproportionate and arbitrary administrative rules and regulations (not laws) have a marginal affect on safety and are in fact a cash cow for the fascist enforcement agencies at the expense of hardworking folks with REAL jobs.

      I have no doubt that the “healthcare” industry has a vested interest in fmcsa regulations and therefore lobbies the appropriate “official” to gain more draconian rules that will inevitably fill their pockets and eventually drive up the cost of everything

    4. I am in total agreement with your comment.I went in for knee problems and get badgered with…. “You have to take sleep apnea test.It won’t cost you a thing your insurance will pay for it.” Of course the doctor (promoting this) which I went to see had recently gotten a sleep apnea fascilaty in his office..Hhmm Sounds fishy. I have never had a sleep problem. This machine is now interfering with my sleep. I COULD GO ON AND ON!

    5. Yes this is a mess had the study all of tthe company doctors report are false I just dont no how to handle this they are ripping off the insurance system im stuck in the housr for 4 hrs a day when I could be out walking it sad im getting me a lawyer

  2. This rule will only make the roads safer if drivers use the CPAP machine, how is this going to be policed? I know it can be monitored via computer, but what are you going to do with a driver that doesn’t use the CPAP shut him down, not likely. Who’s going to pay for the sleep study? Larger companies may be able to afford this, but smaller companies can ill afford to pay the price of what sleep studies cost for their driver’s. If drivers have health insurance they can probably use it to get the sleep study and purchase the CPAP machine, now the cost of insurance will more than likely increase once they have to pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars for sleep studies and equipment. I am all for anything that will make driving safer, but unless the FMCSA is going to help pay for the necessary test’s and equipment this will hurt an industry that is already struggling with an extremely high cost of operating with no real relief in sight. Teaching drivers how to lead a healthy life style in an industry known for lending to an unhealthy life style I think would be a more long term solution to the fatigue issues that we face today.

  3. I think all this sleep apnea stuff is ridiculous. It’s just another pencil pusher that’s never even driven or lived in a truck before trying to make a name for themself by trying to solve something they know absolutely nothing about. Just like most of the so called fixes they think will work that never get off the ground. Think about it. How can a driver get proper sleep if they are not allowed to idle for comfort. Try turning off your central air unit at home when its hot or cold outside. See how much sleep you get. There’s no sleep machine in the world that can fix that. The new rules they are trying to put out are worthless just like when they changed the hours of service and made drivers drive 11 hours straight to get their driving time in for the day. You are more fatigued driving like that than being able to split your driving time up like before. I’ve been on the road now for 23 years and got over 3 million miles under my belt and i have to say I’m tired of the ignorance. I don’t mind change but if it isn’t solving anything all It’s doing is costing me more of my hard earned money for nothing. Let me tell
    you, as an owner operator that is getting harder to come by these days. Come on people, get it together.

    1. I feel that they are doing everything under the guise of safety, but yet they aren’t willing to take some of their own medicine. It’s hard enough to drive and then try to rest for 10hrs, when it’s day, then sleeping at night, then swings. Then we have dispatch, then family and the list goes on. The way it works is the people who make the rules are public servants. Keyword servants and they aren’t serving us but there own pocket. Follow the money

  4. 1. I think the Feds need to undergo the test. They’ve been dreaming too much.
    2. No worries mate– Obama-Care will pay for the whole thing.
    3. Save up enough for one months worth of bills for food, house payment etc. We’ll all go off the road til they come to their sense and repeal this nonsense.

  5. I thought that the trucking industry was deregulated back in the 70’s, I know saftey is supposed be the issue…but… After all is said and done and they have all the experienced driver’s out of service due to all these medical regs that they are pushing thru,who’s going to pay us to sit at home and twittle our fingers because we can’t work and feed our families anymore! you can’t rely on social security and medicare and foodstamps cause there’s no additional funding for it !… so what are we supposed to do? All replies are welcome ,as I am getting more confused every day!

  6. It seams strange that all this hoopla about driver’s binging tired came about after they enacted the fourteen hour rule. By doing this, when a driver became sleepy due to afternoon heat or a heavy meal, or form boredom because of a long stretch of road, or for what ever reason, they are now forced to drive where as before they could lie down and takea one to two hour nap when you were able to stop the clock. The majority of driver’s had found the system that worked with their circadian rhythms on the old system. Now it look’s like these official’s are to proud to admit to their mistake and try a new approach.





    I have driven 19 years accident free and am ready to quit the industry because of all this BS!!!!!! Guess there is no need for good drivers anymore!!!!

    : (

  8. As a DOT medical examiner I feel some of the regulations are over the top, however, I do many DOT exams and find that many driver’s do not take care of themselves or even know they have medical conditions. Very often I find that driver’s are unaware that they are diabetic…would you want them to find out the hard way? The hard way meaning passing out and killing a family. I also have many driver’s that have severly high blood pressure (180/100 or higher). They say I feel great, there’s nothing wrong with me. This is the typical mentality. They don’t understand that it can lead to stroke and heart attack or they don’t understand that just because they feel fine doesn’t mean they are. Back to the main topic of sleep apnea. Although some treated driver’s may not experience feeling less sleepy or any health improvement, it may still be saving their lives. Sleep apnea can kill you. No one likes to be regulated heavily but if an accident were to occur that could have been prevented by a simple screen, it should be done. It not only protects the driver, it protects everyone.

    1. So then if it’s “saving their lives” then why don’t we require everyone to do it instead of just the truck drivers? You know a family can just as easily be killed by a driver in a car passing out as they can a truck driver. This is just another ********* way to make money off the backs of an industry that is already struggling to stay profitable.

    2. why don’t we require sleep test for Doctors? They are required to work long hours and if they mis diagnosis a health problem because they are tired someone could lose there life. And how bout Police Officers?

    3. Doc I do t need you slipping obamas mark of the beast in me or telling me I have mysterious disease so you and the pharmaceutical companies can sit back and live it up off my hard earned dime! That’s why I don’t have insurance! Your all frauds and thieves!

  9. I have had sleep apnea for 11 yrs. I use a CPAP machine. For the past 5 yrs I have been going to my Pulmonary Doctor prior to my DOT Physical and have my machine looked at a data pulled. Each year they wright a letter to the DOT Doctor stating that I am following my treatment and I’m safe to drive. Before going to the Pulmonary Doctor my new manager tells me that the company needs a copy of the down load data for the last year to make sure I’m in compliance with the DOT’s 70%. I told him I was never told of this rule. Our company never gave us anything about this compliance. If I am below the 70% I will be suspended for 7 days till I meet 100% compliance. They say they are getting on board so I the DOT checks my files and see’s I’m below 70% they took corrective action. The Pulmonary Clinic gave me 200 days at 72%. That’s not good enough and if for some reason they can’t provide more then they need to write a letter why. Can someone tell me if this DOT Reg has gone into effect cause I can’t find it.

    1. Totally agree….ALL DRIVERS SHOULD BE TREATED THE SAME WITH all these health issues amd being taken off the roads……cdl DRIVErs are not the only dangerous ones out there. ….Omg. …look at the fuel that would never get used!!!!!

    2. It sure has ….a letter from doc has been all I have needed fir 5 years..n.now as of yesterday that was not enough. ..I have 10 days to get a new sleep study done to get my dot signed…I also had my download amd it was above the 70% and still that wasn’t enough. ….are YOU kidding…..a new sleep study….not enough time for this and my lung doc even said I do not need this I am in compliance. Unreal

  10. This is straight up dicrimination people of all shapes and sizes all ages and all walks of life have sleep apnea.
    either test every one as a condition for a licence or test no one’
    heavy people are alredy dicriminated against enough.

  11. If they make the company pay for the test I bet this will go away or the price of the test will come down… But as long as it comes out of the drivers pocket nothing will change …

  12. This is an outrage! Once again, if you are heavy and have no other issues, you are discriminated against. I work 38 hours per week, with some reduction during the months of August and July. Now, regardless of your ability to lose weight, your livelihood is now going to be threatened if you do not kill yourself trying to do something your body won’t allow you to do. My attendance record is impeccable and has been for the past eight years. That is more than I can say for my 25, 35, 45 year old counterparts who have a host of health issues. But they will not be treated in this manner because of their weight? I am in my 50s and again, do not wine if it’s raining out or if they feel a little pain. We’ve also had many injuries of these so-called healthy lifestylers who fall off their horses, skiing injuries, etc., which makes the rest of us work to cover their “health” issues. It is a very sad world when people simply need someone to discriminate against without violating some regulation. I hope people put a stop to this soon. What’s next?

  13. I agree with what a lot of you are saying. However, speaking as a sleep tech who actually tests the drivers. There isn’t a clear explanation of what sleep apnea is and how it affects the body.

    It’s not only something that affects the mental sleepiness. It also affects the body as a whole’s ability to get the rest it needs. If a person has sleep apnea they’re oxygen and hear rate are going up and down like a roller coaster.

    Our bodies take a percentage of of the oxygen that comes in a it’s distributed throughout the body. So, if a person with sleep apnea had these lower oxygen episodes. Imagine how much less of a percentage of oxygen is getting to your body.

    It’s almost like going under water while swimming. You hold your breath and go down. Come back up to breathe. Try doing that for 8 hours. Your body will get exhausted and you would probably drown. Try looking at it that way.

  14. Pull into a shipper they charge 300 to load product onto truck than have to follow dot rules to a t i started driving 2 years ago i was at 250 now im close to 400 but look at are food choices and prices constantly stressed out and all of a sudden i have sleep apnea give me a break if you test most americans ud shut down the country

  15. Went and had my physical done (passed ) ,then she told me I had to get tested for sleep apnea,she gave me a referral to a Dr. made the appointment ,did the study ,NO SLEEP APNEA ,take the results bavk to her then she tells me the study has to be for 2 weeks, nowhere is it written that it has to be for that time frame,she refused to give me the 1 or 2 year medical card,she gave me a 90 card TOTAL B.S.

  16. I am new to the trucking industry. Boyfriend and I have been together for almost 3 years now. I see the rules and regulations changing almost daily it seems. I think the sleep apnea test is wrong. You say because a person is overweight they have to be tested for sleep apnea. Well there is other medical reasons why a person is over weight that has nothing to do with sleep or safety. And taking a Apnea test is going to make the roads safer. Really. NOT… Have you rule makers ever road in a truck with a driver? Have you ever seen how the crazy drivers cut the trucks off driving 60 to 70 miles a hour. While these trucks might be pushing 80,000 pounds. Stopped in front of them expecting them to stop on a dime. Oh and by the way not to mention the driver that cut the truck off has his family in the car with him. And as you lock the brakes up a little kid is looking up at you as if to say what is all the screeching tire sounds for. And the list goes on. These drivers do not have to a medical exam, mental exam, or nothing. Their hours of driving are not regulated, they are not told when to drive sleep eat and go to the bathroom. They are not subject to weight stations, logs books,and the list goes on. A elderly person with numerous medical conditions and maybe even had a couple of heart attacks only have to be able to pass a written. Is that because they are safer drivers. I don’t think so. So lets make everybody have to take these test have to carry log books, and comply with the hos etc. If I were a truck driver I could see why I might have high blood pressure sleep apnea and the list goes on. Do this don’t do this, drive now, don’t drive now, sleep know , don’t sleep now, eat now etc. Plus having to know all the rules regulations watch out for the crazy drivers, keep the logs books (which are a good thing). pay high fuel prices, low rates on loads, pay the tolls, lumpers, under the gun to make the scheduled deliveries on time because the broker waited for the last minute of the day to book the truck cause he thought he could get a cheaper truck etc.. With out truck drivers this country would be shut down paralized worse than Atlanta in the last snow / ice storm they had on the x way. FMCSA remove the rose colored glasses, get away from your desk and see what is really going on out there on the roads that our truck drivers are dealing with. Help them by making it better not worse.

    1. Wow. Comment of the day. There’s no prize but I loved reading this.

      (Just so everyone is clear, we are not FMCSA nor do we have any affiliation with them — we just help carriers stay in business in the face of all this.)

    2. They say overweight,over 40,and male. I told the doctor making me go that everyone who walks through the door she has go.

  17. First off Does anyone know if this rule in in effect as of today 2/10/2014? I went to get my medical card renewed, because of my BMI only being 38, the doctor order a sleep test. So here is what happen.
    1. I found a comp nay with in home testing cost 249.00 I did the test and the results put me at a 19. Not sure what that means. I took the results back to the doctor, here is where it gets funny.
    2. Took the results back to the doctor who tells me he has no idea how to read the numbers on the sheet nor knows what they really mean. So now he tell me to call the doctor who read the machine and have him send me a letter stating if I am 70% within the DOT compliance range. I asked what does that mean, and his response was I have no idea but this is what the DOT wants.

    How is this going to work. You gonna have guys shelling out 500.00 for cpap machine which they can not afford on what they pay us.

    To me its just about money. As far as I am concerned everyone in the world has sleep apnea. How you going to control it.

  18. This is a scam just for them ( the doctor’s) to make money! a friend pass her physical every year did the sleep apnea got the machine,when back to renew her physical card was told that she have to do the sleep test now every six months if she want’s her DOT card, what the hell!! every six months it coast $800.00 to do that! and she don’t even get pay that much to say. Now i’m being told that the sleep apnea should only be done every three year’s, every six month only if it’s required, and a person will only be ask to have it done only if the resulted show that he/she have to have it. These urgent care doctor’s are in the money making business, they will take DOT rules and turn it around. Now they are talking about body mass if it’s 35 or over, now what! they don’t want big people to work any more?.

  19. Now I am learning the doctors will automatically fail your study just to play it safe. Try this; call a sleep center and ask them about a sleep study. Do not tell them it is for dot testing until about half way through, their whole attitude changes and to prove the point… ask what the fail percentage is as the tests pertained to the fmcsa. They will automatically tell you they don’t have that information. It is a scam of both the machine manufacturers and fraud of the insurance companies.

  20. this is a joke, 95% of fuel stops or truck stops don’t have a café, its all fast food, and most of the others have no truck parking. Logbooks never let you sleep at the same time. so as you lay there wide awake. When do suppose you’ll get tired. It will be during your driving hours.
    so you fight through it or pull over take a nap. if you take a nap you get penalized on driving
    time. These people pushing this, their jobs don’t depend on their weight. I have seen a lot of
    fat doctors, they don’t have to quit. I have seen a lot of fat DOT they don’t have to quit.
    Most of the doctors have an interest in these sleep apnea centers. so they get paid on both
    sides. The people making these rules are just trying to justify their jobs. it has nothing to do
    with safety. It will weaken this industry. it will bring in more inexperienced drivers. it will most
    likely bring in more foreign drivers. if there is a driver shortage now wait till this takes effect.
    the road will not be more safe, there will be more accidents, deaths, lawsuits, higher insurance.
    drivers need to unite against these stupid regulations that make no sense.

  21. test everyone. I have BMI 35 or more. I am over 50. I am aware of a doctor who sends drivers for testing based on these existing factors. The drivers are medically suspended until tested. I sleep like a log, have no high blood pressure, cholesteral is great (good and bad), not diabetic. I think the criteria is stereotypical and discriminitory. If a primary care physician determins that someone has sleep apnea then it should be reported to the DMV.

    1. My company just forced me to take a sleep study at the clinic they choose my insurance paid for it I am a relatively new driver started last year after 12 years in the army tested every 6 months for health conditions or signs I impending conditions. Now in 12 years I have been found in perfect health,tools a dot physical or school then company again perfect health twice again now. I take the sleep study driving just under a year forced to because I snore the sleep clinic says I have sleep apnea regardless of no signs ever and I have slept like a log and snored my entire life. Charged my insurance 1400 just for the machine that is basically just a gd humidifier with a face mask blowing it directly into your face and woman keeps calling me then getting nasty with me saying this that and the other and they can tell my company and I will be shut down wake up with dry mouth and cat tongue regardless of what setting U try their solution was to offer to sell me a different mask and they act like they work for my company but I pay for my full coverage health insurance not the company and told them it’s a gd scam and keep their mask cause while I have to use it they are being paid by ME through my insurance company not by my trucking company.It’s completely a scam how can you have all these “risks” and “possibly” cause future health issues but be in perfect health on every test during waking hours? It’s not like I just started having physicals I have had them annually since I was 17 and joined the army and now as a driver. Don’t get nasty with me when I am the customer not my damn company.


  23. I’m going through all this right now. Went for the first sleep study and couldn’t go to sleep so they sent me home and had to re-schedule. Went in again and surprise…couldn’t fall asleep. So tried one more time. Went in the third time and the Technician actually tried to fill me full of BS that on my very first visit, i went into a relaxed state…for about an hour…and they recorded around 9 events…which is more than the 5 they needed to hook me up to a CPAP. I looked at him and couldn’t help but laugh in his face!! And asked him how in the hell that could be the case when he ,himself…had sent me home after a short while for not falling asleep enough to even do the test???
    Well, to make this shorter….I never had a fighting chance. Never got a legitimate sleep test to even see if I have it or not. It was my third trip back and was at their mercy considering I wasn’t getting anymore chances. So they FORCED it on me. I know after going through this exactly what a pure SCAM all this is. So I played their game , went through the ordeal, and now waiting to get hooked up with all the equipment I gotta have. So after much thought about how WRONG I WAS DONE….I have decided to hang up the ol workboots. I’m going to get my one year card for the time being and use that time to get the hell out of this BS Industry. I have never been so mad about something in all my life. I sleep like a rock and never feel tired after I get up. Very energetic and active during my off time. I don’t smoke, eat fast food , drink. No diabetes, or High BP either. Try to live a healthy lifestyle. But my damn neck was 17.5 inches….oh my….we just found out next victim….haha….what a joke!!! So be very aware my friends….they ARE out to get you along with filling up their deep pockets. I can’t just quit due to responsibilities I have but after I play the game and get my re-cert. One year card….and I’ll be done… that’s it, no Sh%#, I QUIT!!!!!!!

    1. Buddy my cpap is sitting here as a paper weight! I refuse to abide by it! The damn thing suffocates me and I refuse to wear it. When I go in to renew I will go to jail cause I am gonna throw the damn thing at the doctor! That’s a promise! Then I am going to file for disability and say good bye to this bull**** out her

  24. I have been going through a sleep apnea nightmare here in Washington state. I was given a 90 day DOT medical at the beginning and as it turns out there is no way to do the initial consult, the sleep test the follow up consult, and show thirty days compliance with a CPAP in the 90 days. At least not at the Wenatchee Valley Clinic. I received a letter from the DOL the other day that tells me that my CDL will go away before I can show the mandatory 30 days of compliance. Just makes no sense. Oh and by the way, I’m out over three thousand dollars at this point.

  25. Dr. Trung Vincent Nguyen of the Anaheim Hills Kaiser sleep clinic will tell you” when it comes to sleep apnea and the DOT, its just a game and if you want to keep your CDL you have to play along. He is the head sleep clinic doctor at Kaiser in Anaheim Hills. I never thought of my job or feeding my family as a game. THANK GOD THIS IS OBAMAS LAST TERM. All we need to do now is shut down the DOT. How many more people must loose there jobs to anal regulations. 20 years driving big trucks. NO TICKETS, NO ACCIDENTS AND NOW NO JOB

  26. I was rudely shut down for a bogus sleep test a year ago. Concentra screwed up my records (admitted to me in person by the local manager. The clinician told me first that I did not sleep all night (true, the most stressful night in my life with a short wire cluster straight jacket), then proceeded to tell me that my breathing exercises to try to relax while completely awake constituted sleep apnea. The CPAP machine dried sinuses, and team driving splashed water up the hose. I quit as soon as I got home, I will not participate in insurance fraud. Million mile safe driver, ten year safe driver, training engineer of the quarter, now early SS retiree.

  27. I’ve been driving 15 years no accidents been several years since my last ticket and come November no job. I’ll not be able to re-certify my medical card because of this sleep apnea crap! My question is this: why, if this new requirement is about safety on the roads, aren’t these rules being applied to anyone and everyone who makes their living the wheel of a vehicle? Taxi drivers, Limousine drivers,charter bus drivers, school bus drivers,train engineers,and the list goes on and on. When all the dust settles and all the political correctness clears is everyone gonna be happy with an increase in unemployment and a drastic increase in cost of living for the most basic services/products all so the FED can make room for the border jumpers who don’t have to follow U.S. D.O.T. regs?! My American Dream has turned into a nightmare, I play by the rules only to be screwed by the same government who claims to care so much for it”s citizens. I guess there’s really no land of the free anymorre, our government should be ashamed of itself for more than this but this really does set a new standard for double dealing /backstabbing behavior,I suppose the “upper classes” wanted a little more distance between us and them. Maybe we should all throw the rule book out the window and let the government know this is still “Of the people,for the people, by the people!” Enough said goodnight,and as of November 2014 goodbye.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for your comment, unfortunately we can’t publish it because it breached language standards. We understand that these issues have a massive impact and that emotions (justifiably) run hot but please refrain from swearing and other “adult” language. Basically, you can say what you like but say it as if the kids were in the room.:)

      Thanks guys! Keep on Truckin!


  28. I was told by DOT dr to take the test as my neck is big. My medical took care of the sleep study and also covered part of the cpap machine. I have in the past stopped breathing and caught myself. I snored like all the time and I have noticed since I have been on the machine, that I sleep so much better and im more rested the next day. I can honestly say the machine is putting more life back in me.I appreciated the Dr. making me take the test.

  29. I have been trucking for 35 years. In 35 years I have gotten one speeding ticket and had no accidents. Now they tell me. I must wear a Cpap. Because I snore and I am over weight. So I did the sleep study and got my Cpap. I have tried and tried to sleep with this damn machine. It’s uncomfortable and cumbersome. They say I must wear it for 4 . hours A night. Thats hard to do because I am very uncomfortabale. So I keep waking up. Now I get less sleep than I did before..??? What a waste of money for the study and Cpap.($5000.00). So I guess I am done trucking. Can’t pass my DOT physical. The machine has a SD.card. the Dot docter must check to see if you are using the Cpap And how many hours a night. (4 or 6) by law. The trucking industry is going to lose a lot of drives. In a industry thats way short of drivers already.
    The TRUCKING COMPANIES better wakeup and fight for the drivers

  30. My drs said i needed the test, but insurance wouldnt pay for for a hotel study. So i did the home study. The monitor was pre set for 10pm to 6am. I did not go to bed till 1am, instead played with my son an online video game, three rooms away. I turned the machine in. I sleep on a 60inch loveseat on my left side so i can watch old re-run tv shows to help me sleep. (hubby is no longer living here and i miss him!) The test was positive for sleep apnea ! It said i slept on my back, FLAT for six hours and that i used my RIGHT side , wich is impossible if i watched tv thruout the nite. Also I am 64 inches tall and my flat surface of loveseat is only 40 inches. So if i’m laying FLAT, what part was hanging off the loveseat ??? i don’t belive the test. I also have a small neck size, and do not snore. hmm how can all that be positive if i was NOT even wearing the darn thing !

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