Truckers: The Real Holiday Heroes

Lindsey Bergeron

DECEMBER 24, 2018 – You can argue that there’s only one man that works harder than truck drivers this time of year – and that’s Santa Claus himself. As the rest of the country starts thinking about winding down to enjoy holiday celebrations with family and friends, truck drivers are working harder – and longer – than any time else during the year.

Thanks to the rise in e-commerce sales, the United States Postal Service was expecting to deliver 900 million packages this holiday season, while UPS was prepared to handle 35 million packages a day in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Never mind the overall increase in freight to help facilitate these doorstep drop-offs – and to ensure that grocery store shelves are well stocked for those holiday meals and cookie swaps.

As if their schedules weren’t busy enough, thousands of truckers volunteered their time to spread even more holiday cheer by participating in Wreaths Across America. This annual event relies on the kindness of truck drivers to deliver 1.8 million wreaths to military veteran cemeteries throughout the country and abroad. One convoy headed from Maine to Arlington National Cemetery with 253,000 wreaths – one for the marker of each veteran laid to rest there.

Take that, Santa.

So, while it may take the combined efforts of truckers nationwide, you collectively deliver more packages – and cover more miles each day – than our favorite holiday elf does in a single night each year. And you do it all while dealing with the federal regulations and highway speed limits that Santa is exempt from. He might have the grinch to contend with, but you have the DOT (and if you try going 5,083,000 miles per hour, you’ll almost definitely get you a ticket).

Thank you for all of the hard work and dedication you bring to your jobs – not just during the holidays, but the rest of the year, as well. With 80 percent of freight transported by truck, you play a critical role in our nation’s economy. Without you, everything would (literally) come to a halt.

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Lindsey Bergeron is Editor of the Foley blog. Serving as transportation guru, she keeps an eye on the industry and its day-to-day evolution and developments, specifically writing about the various lifestyle, business and regulatory topics that are most relevant to motor carriers. Holding a degree in Journalism and Political Science from the University of Connecticut, she ran a successful content marketing firm before joining Foley at its Hartford hub. Her current expertise in transportation writing is built upon an extensive background in editing, feature writing and content development.

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