The Importance of Driver File Confidentiality

Lindsey Bergeron

MARCH 7, 2019 –Are you keeping your drivers’ personal information private?

If you’re responsible for creating and maintaining driver files for one or more drivers in your company, you handle some sensitive information. This is information that most of us would want protected – and that includes the DOT. According to language in Regulation Part 391, employers are required to keep the sensitive information contained in each driver’s Safety Performance History in a secure location. It can only be accessible by those who are responsible for making the hiring decisions for your company.

What is the Safety Performance History?

The Safety Performance History is a component of the DOT’s driver file requirements that investigates the prior employment history for drivers. It contains the following information:

  • Employment verification and written comments about the driver’s performance at each of their past employers (including accident history and drug and alcohol violations)
  • The driver’s written authorization to contact all of the prior employers listed on their application

This file must be compiled before any driver’s employment begins.

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Complying with Privacy Requirements

To ensure that the information contained in the Safety Performance History stays private, it must be kept in a locked filing cabinet or other secure location. For greater security, files can also be stored electronically and password protected. At Foley, for example, our portal enables hiring and safety managers to compile electronic files for every driver, which are stored securely and accessible by only those who are given access to the account. As an added benefit, the portal will send alerts and notifications when other compliance activities are due – such as an upcoming CDL or medical card renewal.

To learn more about the Foley Portal, and how it can help you create and maintain compliant (and secure) driver files, click here or call (860) 815-0764.

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