1 07, 2015

FMCSA Proposes CSA Changes

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, FMCSA, is reacting to feedback from stakeholders regarding CSA scores and the current SMS system. Find out what changes the FMCSA is proposing. […]

14 04, 2015

Changes to Owner-Operator Insurance

Formulas used in owner-operator insurance, such as driver health, age, and number of out-of-service violations, could soon be replaced by more sophisticated algorithm-driven coverage and rates. What does this mean for you? […]

17 03, 2015

FMCSA Announces New Mobile App

The FMCSA announced on March 17, 2015 a new smartphone app that provides safety data on interstate commercial truck and bus companies.  […]

9 05, 2012

Out of Service Carrier Caught Red Handed

Every now and again, we tell you about a carrier that has been taken out of service for some incredible violation of the regulations. Typically, these big-ticket violations (along with the big-ticket fines, and permanent shut-down orders) come from carrier investigations, or complaints leveled against the carrier. Here is one that was actually caught, red-handed so to speak, on the highway. […]

9 05, 2012

CSA Reveals Compliance Issues, Industry Trends

Compliance. Safety. Accountability. The CSA system is no doubt one of the biggest changes that the industry has faced over the last few years. After almost 18 months of living and working under CSA , we are still learning about how it works and how we can avoid problems. We are also learning about ourselves from CSA; recent reviews of the information in the system have revealed a lot about the industry and about compliance problems facing a lot of motor carriers. […]

11 04, 2012

More CSA Changes: Fatal Accidents Displayed

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has caused a bit of an uproar in the industry over their plans to make public  the number of fatal accidents a carrier has been involved in. This move, a part of the recent overhaul of the CSA system, comes despite their recent decision to delay including information as to the fault-holder of the accident. […]

28 03, 2012

FMCSA Launches Carrier Safety History App

Passenger carriers  may find that their customers are a lot more informed about their safety history than they were in the past. At least, the passengers with iPhones might be as FMCSA launches a new App for the iPhone and iPad that makes it easy to check a company’s safety history. […]

28 03, 2012

FMCSA Overhauls CSA System

Speaking at this year’s Mid America Trucking Show, FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro announced huge changes to the CSA System (learn about CSA here). By far the biggest change, the controversial Cargo Related BASIC will be dropped and replaced by a Hazmat BASIC and a beefed up Vehicle Maintenance BASIC. FMCSA will also work to make the CSA system fairer by refining the inspections that can be included in a CSA report. Ferro did disappoint industry figures, however, that had expected a further refinement to the system, citing problems with police reports FMCSA is delaying changes to the Crash Indicator. Note: This article first appeared in our subscription news service ‘DOT Safety Regulation Update Fast-Fax’ for detailed, weekly updates on motor carrier laws and regulations click here. […]

21 03, 2012

FMCSA Delays CSA Fix

One of the most hotly contested features of the CSA system is that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration counts all crashes, including the ones the carrier could not avoid, against the carrier when calculating the Crash Indicator BASIC. Industry insiders had been pleased to hear that that was going to change; however, Administrator Anne Ferro disappointed them recently by announcing that the fix was delayed indefinitely. […]

17 01, 2012

New CSA Information Released

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has released new factsheets for the CSA BASICs targeting both motor carriers and drivers. This is all part of a push to educate the industry about both the CSA system and about the importance of compliance. […]