APRIL 11, 2017 – As the deadline for the ELD mandate approaches, it’s important that all motor carriers know whether they’ll need an ELD so they can start planning accordingly. If you currently fill out paper logs, you will most likely need an ELD in your vehicle by the December 17, 2017 deadline. And if you do need an ELD, you won’t want to put off getting one. Although the FMCSA hasn’t announced definitive information on penalties for non-compliance, they did propose fines of $11,000 per occurrence for those caught without an ELD.

Keep in mind that there are certain factors which excuse motor carriers from the new ELD law. Keep reading to find out more about the exemptions, and whether you qualify.

Exemption #1: The model year of your truck is 1999 or older

The FMCSA will use a truck’s model year (not the date it was manufactured) to decide whether an ELD is required in that vehicle. If your model year is 2000 or newer, you’ll need an ELD if you don’t meet any of the other exemption criteria. If there are any doubts, you can easily find your truck’s model year by looking up its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Exemption #2: You Never Keep Logs for More Than 8 Out of Every 30 Days

Drivers who keep paper logs for no more than 8 days during a consecutive 30-day period are exempt from the ELD requirement.

Exemption #3: You’re a driveaway-towaway operator

If you work as a driveaway-towaway operator, you are not required to purchase an ELD. This exemption applies in cases when the vehicle driven is part of a shipment being delivered, such as a vehicle manufacturer delivering vehicles to a dealership.

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Exemption #4: You Aren’t Currently Required to Keep Paper Logs

The ELD mandate only applies to carriers who are required to follow the FMCSA’s hours of service regulations. If your vehicle doesn’t qualify as a CMV, or you qualify for one of the general hours of service exemptions (such as the 100/150 air mile radius rule) and you don’t already maintain RODS, you will not be required to use an ELD.

If you’re not sure whether your vehicle qualifies as a CMV, you can find out here.

Keep in mind…there are other exemptions available that may apply to you. If you have questions about your ELD requirements, or would like to speak to someone about our low-cost ELD solution, please give us a call at (860) 815-0869. For as little as $20, we’ll get you set up with everything you’ll need to get compliant.