Don't Let an Applicant's Past Affect Your Business' Future


Are you sure your applicants are who they say they are? Rather than taking their word for it – and risking the reputation and safety of  your business – Foley makes it easy to verify the identity, income history and employment eligibility of every prospective employee with 100 percent accuracy.

This accuracy comes from the government information verification sources we pull our data from, which include the Social Security Administration and Internal Revenue Service. Not only do these searches serve as a foundation for a comprehensive pre-employment search, but they help verify employment eligibility during post-hire audits.

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Available Searches

The CBSV is the only search available that verifies that a Social Security Number and a candidate’s name match each other.  This search accesses the SSN Master File and Death Index directly, and is virtually 100% accurate.

This search prevents applicants from providing fraudulent Social Security Numbers, including those of the deceased.

The Income Tax Return Verification matches the applicant’s name and Social Security Number combination to verify income information directly with the IRS. This helps you mitigate fraud and strengthen due diligence whenever income verification is needed.
Consent Based SSN Verification matches an applicant’s personal identifiers directly to the Social Security Administration (SSA) Master File and Death Index. This is the only search that verifies the SSN is both valid and belongs to the name submitted with the request.
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Protect Your Business with Foley

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