IFTA Made Easy Through Technology

Simplified Reporting   |   Accurate Data   |   Reduce Your Audit Risk


Looking for a simpler solution to your IFTA fuel tax requirements?

With Foley as your partner, you can say goodbye to missing receipts, incomplete trip reports and inconsistent data, and hello to the convenience of a fully-automated solution that practically manages itself.

From capturing state border crossings to recording the location of each fill up, our ELD and mobile app work together to keep accurate fuel tax records for your quarterly International Fuel Tax Agreement reports. And if you pair this service with our Foley Black Card, all of your fuel expense data will be tracked automatically.


  • Collects data automatically
  • Stores fuel receipts digitally
  • Compatible with our fuel card
  • IFTA preparation available

To learn more about how Foley can help reduce your IFTA audit risk, fill out the form or contact us at (800) 253-5506.

“As a new owner operator I needed many questions answered. Dominic was very happy to answer any and all of my questions. It is a pleasure working with him and I look forward to our continued relationship.”
Clive Vernon, CLV Transport, LLC
Reps from Foley were happy to answer many technical questions before we even signed up, and when it came time to actually get the process moving, we found their rates very affordable. We have saved an enormous amount of time and expense by engaging Foley to walk us through the start-up process. Additionally, the ongoing support for the complexities of the driver hiring process will be critical to our future efficiency and success.
AAC Interstate LLC
“Hulk Transportation is a small company. Saying this, we just want to thank you for treating us like a major trucking company and the outstanding service you have provided for us to get started. Each and every one of your employees have been courteous at all times. Your company has provided us with the complete services from A to Z in a very accurate and timely manner.”
Hulk Transportation
Want more information on how Foley can automate your IFTA fuel tax reporting? Fill out this form and a member of our team will contact you shortly.

No More Lost Receipts

Whether you utilize our fuel card or mobile fuel expense tracker, lost receipts are now a thing of the past.

Full Data Backup

As your ELD and mobile app continuously track your location, border crossings and miles in each state, it’s also continuously sending that data to a secure portal for safekeeping.

Reduce Your Audit Risk

By enhancing the accuracy of your IFTA fuel tax data, you’ll drastically reduce your chances of being audited. And if you are, you’ll be able to confidently turn over your records, knowing they’re complete, consistent and accurate.

Save Money with the Foley Black Card

The benefits of our fuel card go far beyond automatic expense tracking. From fuel discounts to theft prevention, the Foley Black Card can help boost your bottom line.