Hire Confidently & Reduce Risk

From FCRA requirements to variabilities in state drug-testing laws, Foley remains committed to understanding and complying with the onboarding regulations that govern your operations. With our expertise and support, your team can focus more on talent acquisition and growth – and less on administrative details.


You can trust Foley’s experience to deliver the following background check services:

Civil & Criminal Records 

Locate civil and criminal records at the source, from local courts to international searches. While a basic criminal records check will give a good indication to a person’s criminal involvement, highly-sensitive positions, such as those with access to confidential information, may warrant deeper searches – either at the state, federal or international level.



From incorrect employment dates to false credentials, resume inaccuracies are a reality of the hiring process. To make sure you’re hiring the best possible candidate, it’s important to verify education, past employment, references and credentials.


Sanctions & Databases

These searches look through national index lists and databases to validate key details of an applicant’s identity. They also look for red flags that could indicate professional misconduct, financial issues or criminal activity. Accessing multi-state and national databases can pick up key information that might be missed in a county or statewide records search.


I.D. Verifications

From social security number verification to confirming employment eligibility, these searches access government databases and systems directly for greater detail and increased accuracy.


Driver History

Make sure you’re hiring the safest employees for your business by thoroughly checking their driving history. We provide a number of background check options, including one-time motor vehicle reports and a monthly MVR Monitoring service for ongoing alerts.


Clinical Services

Running a pre-employment drug screen on prospective hires is one of the best ways to protect the safety and integrity of your workplace. Like all Foley background checks, we’ll ensure all drug screens are compliant with the federal, state and local laws that govern your business.


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