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Your Hours of Service Solution

With Foley as your on-the-go personal assistant, you’ll be able to say goodbye to time-consuming RODS charts and hours of service calculations – and hello to the peace of mind that comes from full compliance. Powered by KeepTruckin, Foley’s electronic logging device (ELD) accurately tracks your on-duty, driving, sleeper berth and off-duty hours for a fully-automated, hours of service solution.

  • Tracks your location and odometer readings
  • Instantly generates roadside reports
  • Provides compliance alerts
  • Compatible with virtually all truck models
  • Supports all US and Canadian hours of service rules
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IFTA Data Capture

Relying on paper trip reports to prepare your quarterly IFTA reports? With Foley’s ELD, powered by KeepTruckin, all of your state border crossings are automatically recorded – giving you reliable mileage and fuel purchase data for every state you travel through. At the end of each quarter, simply download this information to prepare your own IFTA reports. Or, give your data to us and we’ll prepare the paperwork on your behalf!

  • Calculates the number of miles driven in each jurisdiction
  • Recognizes toll road exemptions
  • Stores fuel data and receipts
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Track Drivers in Real-Time

The KeepTruckin web portal makes it easy to see where your drivers are, as well as how many on-duty and driving hours they’ve logged for the week. It’s a fast and effective way to catch violations before they occur.

  • See the precise location of every truck in your fleet, as well as their driver logs and location history
  • Get compliance alerts when violations are flagged
  • Run reports and analyze your fleet’s (or an individual driver’s) performance

With the ELD IFTA Prep bundle, you’ll also be able to view accurate IFTA data for every truck. This includes the distance traveled in each jurisdiction and exemptions for toll roads.

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