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If you meet one of the following criteria, you will need to maintain a Driver Qualification File and Driver Investigation History File for each of your drivers:

Note: Exemptions may apply to you! We highly recommend speaking with a trained Compliance Specialist to determine your company’s specific needs, call 1-800-253-5506 or click here for a free no obligation consultation.

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DOT Driver FilesEach driver (Owner-Operators, this includes you), will need a Driver Qualification File and a Driver Investigation History File. Foley Carrier Services will set up your Driver files for you, guaranteeing error-free compliance. This includes performing a DOT-Compliant Background Check, collecting Motor Vehicle Reports from your state licensing authority and assembling your files.


DOT Background ChecksBefore you can build your driver files, you need to perform a DOT-approved background check. Foley Carrier Services provides a full-service solution that is fully compliant with both the DOT regulations and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Our Background checks include previous-employer contact and a motor vehicle report.

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Looking to improve security? Foley Carrier Services also provides, non-DOT employee background checks for employers looking to protect their property, employees and the public from harm. Click here to learn more.


DOT Audit, DOT Driver FilesIf you have a DOT audit coming up or if you already have Driver Files but have fallen behind in keeping them up to date, Foley Carrier Services can help. Our team of Compliance Specialists will audit your existing files and correct any issues that we find. No file is too messy or too out of date! We will get you audit ready.


DOT Audit, DOT Driver FilesDriver Files are not something you do once, then forget. Foley Carrier Services will maintain your driver files for you. With automated file storage, document tracking and regular notifications of activities you must complete, your driver files will be audit-ready at all times.


DOT Audit, DOT Driver Files, Start a Trucking Company, New Entrant Safety AuditFoley Carrier Services Driver Files Programs come with a FREE copy of our New Entrant Program Organizer. The New Entrant Program Organizer, which has been praised by auditors around the country, provides step-by-step instructions on complying with the regulations and how to pass your Audit. It even includes space to store all of your compliance documentation allowing an easy hand over of paperwork during your audit. Call 1-800-253-5506 to learn more about this industry-leading benefit.

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