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When you need to run a compliant criminal background check, you can trust Foley to deliver a search that is tailored to your industry and the requirements of the position.

Keep in mind, that while an objective assessment of this information can be critical to ensuring the safety of your team and reducing your overall risk, subjectivity is also important.  Knowing how to assess negative data and determine its relevance isn’t just recommended, it’s required in some jurisdictions.

If you have any questions about running a compliant criminal background check, or would like help customizing the right package for your workplace, please fill out the form or call us at (860) 819-3974.

Available Searches

A Criminal Records Check searches county, state and/or federal courts for records pertaining to felony, misdemeanor or other criminal offenses. Crimes committed on Federal property, or against Federal law, are handled through the U.S. District court system, and are available through a federal criminal record search.

County records are typically returned within one to three business days, depending on the specific procedures for that jurisdiction, while federal records are typically returned within 24 hours.

While a county criminal records search is often the most effective way to determine whether an applicant has a criminal record, a state repository search casts a wider net and can uncover additional criminal activity about your applicant. These searches can take several weeks to complete and often require fees.
An International Criminal Records search is available for a fee from most countries. If you need to conduct an international search, please contact Foley first. We’ll provide information about the cost or the need for a separate release form.

Civil records are useful in uncovering litigation activity the applicant has been involved in – either as an individual or as part of an entity.

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