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Our Factoring Services were set up to help our small-to mid-sized clients get paid faster — and with much less hassle. Unlike brokers, our services are set-up to be stress free and carrier friendly. You don’t have to factor all of your debtors; there is no minimum volume; and we can offer recourse and non-recourse programs, depending on your needs. In short, we have set-up a low risk factoring program that is much more open to carriers than other traditional financial institutions.

The way we see it is that its, your money, you should get it on your schedule, and without any headaches.

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Factoring Express Service:

Our Factoring Express Service is for carriers with 1-5 trucks. This non-recourse service has proved invaluable to our smaller clients who often have difficulty enrolling in other financing programs because of their size. You know that a steady and predictable cash flow is crucial to the profitability and success and of your business. Foley Carrier Services offers factoring that you can fully rely upon. We understand the unique needs you have as a smaller trucking company and have many innovative products to help.

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Standard Factoring Service:

Our Standard Factoring Service is a recourse program intended for carriers with more than 5 trucks. Our Factoring Service has been a critical source of funding for carriers facing slow-paying customers and other economic challenges. Our customers get quick access to their funds through our flexible pricing and our prompt customer service, giving them the opportunity to put their money to work where and when it is most needed.

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