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Foley Carrier Services works for the trucking industry. Not with, for. We exist to serve you, the motor carrier, to provide you what you need when you need it. We’ve been working for you two decades, through good times and bad, ready to provide Help at Every Turn.

Get Started as a Motor Carrier

Just starting in the industry? Foley has helped thousands of companies — just like yours — get started in the business and get into compliance with their DOT requirements. Our DOT compliance programs are designed for owner-operators on a shoestring budget who have better things to do with their time then deciphering hundreds of pages of complex regulations.

DOT Compliance Services

Need help following the regulations? Foley is one of the leading DOT compliance companies in the United States. Our services range from Drug and Alcohol Testing, to Hours-of-Service and Driver Qualification Files management. Got a safety audit coming up? We can guarantee that you will pass. On top of that, we have a huge array of regulation training services that will keep even the fussiest DOT auditor happy.

Carrier Financial Services

Need help managing your invoices? Through our Carrier Financial Services Division we provide transportation factoring and tax filing programs to help you pay your fuel tax bills and ensure you get paid faster by your clients.

Workforce Management Services

Foley’s Workforce Management Services can protect your business. Drug Free Workplace Programs keep the overwhelming problems of drug and alcohol abuse — and all of the negative factors that go along with them — out of the workplace. Employee Screening Services form a barrier to keep troublemakers out and the criminal element away from your business. Our internationally renowned Employee Assistance Programs help protect your current employees, ensuring that their personal trials and tribulations don’t become company-wide issues.

Collection Sites

Foley Carrier Services’ Collection site serves as a resource for collection sites, urine specimen collectors, Breath Alcohol Technicians (BATs) and Screening Test Technicians (STTs) who facilitate DOT drug and alcohol testing. Collectors and alcohol technicians must be knowledgeable about the DOT drug and alcohol testing procedures outlined in 49 CFR Part 40 as well as the specific regulations that govern the employers for whom they perform collections.