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Hours of Service

The Hours of Service Rules Changed on July 1, 2013. Read the New Rules Here

The Hours of Service Federal regulations are among the most hotly contested and most heavily enforced. From DOT safety audits, to Federal roadside inspection drives, to being stopped by state and local law enforcement; Hours of Service is one of the most commonly checked areas of compliance. Foley has a number of ways that we can help you stay in compliance, both for the small motor carrier and for larger motor carriers, trying to monitor the Hours of Service for dozens, even hundreds of drivers.

Log Book Auditing Service

Motor carriers regulated by the Hours of Service Federal regulations found in (49 CFR Part 395) must ensure the compliance of their drivers by monitoring log books for accuracy. Our cost-effective Log Book Auditing Service is designed to minimize the time that employers spend reviewing and verifying logbooks and supporting documentation.

We can audit any standard logbook and provide you with timely reports that alert you when a driver is not in compliance with the Hours of Service Federal regulations. This service includes:

  • A complete 30-day log book audit for each enrolled driver
  • Two free log books for each enrolled driver
  • Free replacement log books for each audited log book
  • Free log book storage for six months (as required by 49 CFR Part 395.8)

A Comprehensive Reporting Service That’s Easy to Use

Each month you simply send us your driver logs. We scan them into our computer system for analysis. Our specialists review each entry, checking for accuracy and compliance with the Hours of Service Federal regulations.

Our comprehensive reporting system provides you with critical reports, such as notices of missing logs and lists of driver violations, and letters warning drivers of Hours of Service violations. Drivers whose logs are in compliance are recognized with congratulatory letters. Reports provided by this service include:

  • Notices regarding late and missing logs
  • A list of non-compliant drivers and violation information
  • Management summaries showing both company and individual driver violation severity levels (Level One indicates a minor violation; Level Five indicates the most serious violation)
  • Dated recaps tell you how many hours a driver has left before violating the weekly 60/70 rule
  • Violation letters are sent to all non-compliant drivers
  • Congratulatory letters notify drivers that they are in compliance

Hours of Service violations are among the most commonly caught and fined. Make sure that all of your drivers are following the regulations properly with our logbook auditing service.

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Looking For Log Books?

Foley Carrier Services can provide all of the logbooks that you need to stay compliant with the Hours of Service Federal regulations. View our affordable, fully compliant logbooks in the online store.

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