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Driver Qualification Files

Are Your Driver Files Audit Ready?

The regulations in 49 CFR Part 391 require that you keep Driver Files. Sounds easy? You might be surprised at the level of detail and the amount of work required to prepare your Driver Files for a DOT Audit. And, sooner or later, your files will be audited. Each driver you employ needs a Driver Qualification File as well as a Driver Investigation History File. Plus, if you have a Drug and Alcohol Testing Program, you will need to keep additional detailed paperwork for each driver as well.

Driver Files must be set-up, maintained and archived in a very specific way in order to keep you in compliance. A DOT audit ready Driver File program requires regular trips to your local DMV and a watchful eye for details. Plus, it’s not just paperwork. You’ll need to organize medical examinations, DOT-compliant background checks and previous-employment investigations for each of your drivers before you can put your Driver Files together properly. The more drivers that you have, the more complicated record keeping becomes. When you are preparing for a DOT audit, you don’t want to be worrying about your Driver Files.

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Foley Makes Driver Files as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Driver Files don’t have to be a headache. Whether you are an expert looking to lighten the load of staying in compliance or if you don’t know your Driver Qualification File from your Driver Investigation History File, we can help. With Foley Carrier Services working on your side, you’ll have a fully compliant and audit-ready Driver File Program with three simple solutions:

1) Set Up

If you are setting up a new motor carrier operation, or if your existing Driver Files need a detailed audit or restoration, the Foley Carrier Services Driver File Program makes it easy. Our trained DOT Compliance Experts are there to get your Driver Qualification File and Driver Investigation History File ready for a DOT audit. This includes:

  • DOT Compliant Background Checks;
  • Motor Vehicle Reports from Your State Licensing Authorities; and
  • Initial Screening PAKs™ Containing All the Forms You Will Need to Set Up a Driver Qualification File and a Driver Investigation History File for Each of Your Drivers.

2) Maintain

Once your files are set up correctly, your work is not done. You will still need to perform proper updates and maintenance on each Driver Qualification File to keep yourself in compliance. Fortunately, the Foley Carrier Services Driver File Program includes all the tools that you will need to keep yourself in compliance:

  • Document Tracking, to Ensure that Your Files are Kept Up-to-Date;
  • Regular Notifications, to Show you Actions you Need to Take; and
  • Online Portal Available for Easy Driver File Access and Storage.

3) Archive

Your Driver File responsibilities don’t end when a driver leaves your employment. You’ll need to hang on to your files for years afterwards. With the Foley Carrier Services Driver File Program, you’ll never need to bother with piles of files and drawers full of paperwork. You can have years’ worth of files ready at your fingertips with Foley’s Driver File Archiving Tools:

  • Automated File Storage to Maintain Driver Files for the Required Years;
  • Easy-Management of Background Check Requests About Ex-Employees; and
  • Notifications of Required Actions.

Free Consultation for Every Carrier

You need a Driver File solution that is tailored for your needs. Foley Carrier Services works with more than 42,000 carriers of every different size and type. We customize our solutions for each of our clients to meet budget and needs. Our programs work; they have brought audit success to tens of thousands of motor carriers.

For a FREE consultation with a highly trained Foley Compliance Specialist call 1-800-253-5506 Ext. 0868 today.